Max and Louie’s provides good variety

Story and Photos by Zacchaeus Anderson | Staff Writer |

Max and Louie’s is a New York style diner that offers a lot. All the way from appetizers to dessert, it’s a food lover’s paradise.

The first item on this list is the French Toast Grilled Cheese. Now it may sound a little strange, but it’s pretty good and what it’s made out of is Challah french toast, melted cheeses, bacon and warm maple butter with an optional pastrami for $3.95 or fried egg for $.95.



The second item on the list is the Hash n’ Eggs. It comes with corned beef, pastrami, potatoes, peppers and onions. Topped with two eggs the way you like them in a skillet, all for the price of $9.95.



Finally for the dessert, the one that made this list was recommended by employees there. It’s the banana pudding and it consists of pudding, fresh bananas, ‘Nilla wafers and meringue for the $7.95.



Overall, it’s a great restaurant that takes care of you. The only concern would be that try and go on a weekday. If it’s a Friday or weekend it will be crowded and wait time will be automatic.

The location is 126 W Bitters Rd, San Antonio and it is open from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.