Riders prepare for 2019 spring season

By Zacchaeus Anderson | Photo by Austin Cohea |

With spring football less than two weeks away, the football team will be preparing to take on the 2019 football season and make the run for the playoffs. Spring practice officially kicks off Monday April 22. So let’s start with the goal of the Riders.

“One of our goals for this season is to not only go undefeated but make a run in the playoffs,” Coach Matthew Carroll said.

The Riders take the field at the Southwest game Aug. 31. The team is ready to start preparing for the 2019 season. Photo by Austin Cohea

It’s important to remember also that spring ball is more about teaching technique and running through drills than doing full teamwork and installing plays though some of it.

“I feel good going into spring training,” junior Antonio Iwuagwu said. “I feel like it’s time that will make me better at my game.”

Last year the Riders came up just short of making the playoffs to a devastating loss to Churchill with a score of 24-20.

“I think that’s what’s going to be the huge boost this spring and season, the fact that we were that close to making it to the playoffs were going to get it this year,” junior Fenorris Gilbert said.

Morning practices will begin the Monday April 22.