Us thriller proves astonishing successor to Get Out

By Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer |

Jordan Peele’s horror film Us, the successor of the breakout hit Get Out, is a terrifying, spine-chilling thriller that evokes many emotions. The movie certainly lives up to the expectations of what comes with a Peele original screenplay. It is is eerie and suspenseful when using doppelgängers as the object of one’s fear while also tackling classism in society. Peele utilizes everyday, common objects such as scissors to amp up the fear factor and creepiness.


Us illustrates a story about the Wilson family who visits Santa Cruz for vacation. Mother Adelaide grows anxious of the coincidences that align with traumatic events in her childhood from visiting the same city she’s now visiting on vacation. The Wilsons are then confronted by their very own doppelgängers with intent of killing them – in red suits and carrying scissors at their home. The doppelgängers, who we find out to live in abandoned tunnels under the United States, feel neglected and ignored as shadows for the humans above ground. The Adelaide replica describes how her above-ground counterpart ate warm meals, well cooked every day while the doppelgängers had to eat dirty, cold rabbits below. We soon realize that it’s not only the Wilsons who have doubles but everyone in the United States. The Wilsons make it their mission to escape their captors and get to safety while making sense of the situation.

The film really intrigued me with all the subtle hints to reveal the major plot twist at the end of the story. The bombshell helps make sense of all the actions made by the doppelgangers and what their motives are for trying to killing their doubles above ground. Us is one of those films that’ll have you thinking after the movie to connect the pieces and leave you wanting to see it again.

I would absolutely recommend watching the film. Lupita Nyongo does a wickedly terrific job portraying both characters and their dynamics. I applaud her for keeping both the doppelgängers and herself at such a contrast; she effectively portrays two developing characters that will put her in the pool of academy nominations. As a horror film, I got chills with the way Peele can make things that you don’t usually find terrifying keep you up at night. I can’t wait to see what Jordan Peele has up his sleeve next.