Senior Tehya York publishes two books sold on Amazon

By Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer |

Overflowing with magic and fantasy, senior Tehya York put her passion of writing and telling stories into published books Into the Unknown and In the Beginning currently being sold on Amazon, available for paperback and ebook.

The first work, Into the Unknown, was written over five years as the start to a series.

“The older one is about three kids who go to an alternate dimension, and basically instead of science, there’s magic, and they just get pulled into a war between light and dark,” York said.

In the Beginning illustrates a tale of a girl who helps heaven win a holy war between angels and demons.

“The second one is a more modern fictional story, still fantasy, about a witch, a detective, and a demon, and they’re trying to stop the apocalypse,” York said.

Amazon lets the author set the dimensions for the book to be published and that factors into the printing cost as they set a fixed price.

“They take the printing cost out of the paperback and then you have to tell them what royalties you want,” York said.  “You either want 30 percent or you want 70 percent for ebook or 35 percent for paperback or 20 percent for paperback and they subtract the printing cost from the overall cost and then they take the royalties out and then 60 days after someone makes a purchase,  they send you the money that you got from that. That 60 days is in case someone wants to return the book or not.”

York plans to write more books to complete the fictional series.