Seniors to hold onto memories

Students watch the Pink Out game together. Football games are something that many students will miss. Photo by Tatiana Venegas

By Hailey Massey | Assistant Editor |

Four years in the same atmosphere can be daunting and for many underclassmen the thought of repetition is intimidating. However, for many seniors the concept of leaving that form of security is scary. When it comes down to it, there’s something that each senior will miss- whether it be the one friend who showed you acceptance or the one spot in the school that made them feel safe.

Memories are funny things, they burrow into your mind, making them a thing you can cling on to. While it’s good to allow yourself time to look back on the things that guided you through high school, it’s not good to dwell on them and the what ifs. In fact, that can be very damaging and  toxic to your well being.Thoughts like this often hold you back and they almost force you to idolize the person you were in high school.

Truthfully, it’s okay to hold onto football games, the musicals you participated in, and the second you got accepted into your dream school, but the key to moving on from high school is accepting that it’s over and that you can never go back. You have to look forward to your future- the first day of college, graduating from Basic Training, and the internship that took you all year to apply for. Through this, you can consider the transition as a way to truly discover yourself instead.

Embrace your growth, and look back to the high school memories in a healthier way. The four years you spend walking these halls isn’t as influential as you think; the upcoming years following high school are.