Student recognized at High School Chemistry Awards

Solomon Yoon and Samuel Glass attend High school Chemistry Awards Banquet

By Angelina McMinn | Staff Writer |

Solomon Yoon is one of 8 high school chemistry students who participated in this year’s High School Chemistry Exam. He was taught chemistry by the chemistry teacher Samuel Glass. Glass really pushes his students to do better and go far with their abilities.

The exam was sponsored by the San Antonio section of the American Chemical Society on Friday, March 22, and Saturday March 23, at St. Mary’s University. The test was open to all chemistry students in the greater San Antonio area. The test included a rigorous 5 hour exam with multiple choice questions, free response essays, and two laboratory practical experiments.

For the test this year, 202 students registered to take it. They were all hoping to earn one of ten invitations to compete in the US National Chemistry Olympiad. Of these 202 students, Solomon Yoon was one of the ten students to earn an invitation, which he accepted.

“I was kinda nervous at first and it was a really long test, I was in the mindset of I’ll just do better,” Yoon said.

Solomon Yoon later attended the American Chemical Society High School Chemistry Awards Banquet on Tuesday, May 21, at Our Lady Of the Lake University.