Weezer: Better Than Most Modern Music

By Austin Cohea |
Big Stick Editor |

Weezer is an iconic band born out of the early 90s grunge era, of which many bands did not survive. Though Weezer did survive, like many musicians, Weezer’s early work is beloved far more than the new stuff.

   The first Weezer album was self titled, and then they made more self titled albums but with colors assigned to them (Teal Edition, Black Edition). The second  album however, is blue, and blue is best. Some of the songs on the album’s deluxe edition came from the album’s predecessor, “The Kitchen Tape” which the band recorded in 1992 on Cuomo’s 8-track.

   Blue Album is a largely iconic album with songs like Say It Ain’t So and Buddy Holly reaching high on the billboards. “Guitar Hero” games have featured many Weezer songs for good reason. The blue album has a deep, rich guitar sound that I appreciate a lot, especially when paired with Rivers Cuomo’s somewhat falsetto voice.

   Say It Ain’t So is about the lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s dad, who was an alcoholic in Cuomo’s youth, but after “years of silence” they reunite. In the Garage is predictably about the safeness and sanctity of a garage, the place of living for Dungeons and Dragons players.

   Buddy Holly, one of the more upbeat songs, which reached 17 on the US pop charts wasn’t going to be put on the album, because Cuomo didn’t like it, but the producer Ric Ocasek nagged him to do it. Thanks, Ric.

   If you’ve never listened to any Weezer, you should try Weezer, it isn’t for those who subscribe only to lyrics about prostitution, money and drugs, it is, however for those who enjoy a heavy riffs and licks juxtaposed with strident vocals.

   I would NOT recommend listening to No One Else, because despite the catchy rhythm guitar, the lyrics are super creepy and weirdly misogynistic.

    The Blue Album is the best and longest lasting album in my opinion, and you should listen to it. It has more euphony, better inflection and it’s generally an easy listen. Some music gives you a euphoric feeling, this album gives me the wholesome feeling of watching what I now recognize as garbage, cliche ridden high school movies from the early 2000s. So listen to it if you, like me appreciate a time when things were simpler, not because life was easier, but because I was 7 years old.