Make Roosevelt Great Again

Presidential candidate posters on Rough Rider second floor

By Samuel Rocha | Assignments Editor |

Can you imagine being the Class President of 2020 and how iconic that would be! Voting begins today, Oct. 1 and five different candidates are running for president alone.

We’ve talked to all the candidates to allow you to be as unbiased as possible when voting and not just to vote for someone you know because all these candidates deserve to be heard. Before I introduce the candidates, I’ll explain what is a class president and what they do. Class presidents are the face of the graduating class and they set up meetings, present a speech at the graduation ceremony, and attend important events like fundraisers or events like prom. They help coordinate the senior field days, the senior class shirts, and even have a hand in planning class reunions.  

Our first candidate is a four-year Roosevelt veteran, Soupharuady Samantha Vongsouvanh. The volleyball four-year letterman has many ideas to impact our school in the most positive way possible.

“I feel like our school has had a slump with pride, I hope I can initiate that, especially since we started it in volleyball like going to other people’s games, and now there’s all these people supporting us,” Vongsouvanh said. “We usually don’t get that, so I’d like to start that throughout our school and class.”  

Being one of the captains of the volleyball team influenced her to become a natural leader.

“A lot of people have told me I am a leader and I believe I am one as well because I feel like I have a voice to be heard,” she said. “I would like to use that voice to my best abilities for those who don’t have one.”

Our next candidate on the list is the one and only Nicholas Ostrowski. The four-year ETA student wants to leave a mark on this school for future students.

 “I intend on doing a great job for this school…  I have been in contact with the top lady of NEISD trying to get Roosevelt not to get 30 minute lunches anymore. I want Roosevelt to get hour long lunches just like the rest of NEISD,” Ostrowski said.

One of his most exciting ideas he had was his graduation speech.

“I have big plans for the speech… it’s a surprise, but what I can tell you is that I am planning on bringing tears, smiles, and a lot of laughs,” he added.

Next in line for this year’s 2020 Class President student council and orchestra member, Felipe Soto. He wants to impact the students in a positive way, but more importantly he wants to bring respect to our staff members.

 “I want to bring many things to this school,” Soto said. “One of the important things I want to bring is to show respect to the school and staff members.”

Soto is friends with some of the candidates and has respect for every one of them.

“I’m friends with most of the candidates, and I know they’ll be great leaders… this school is in good hands even if I do not win.”

Thomas Torres, GSA and art club member, aspired to become class president because of wanting to have more passion for our school and his mother played a big factor as well.

“My mom was my inspiration mainly because all throughout high school something has always happened to me in my life… and I want to make her proud,” Torres said.

When asked about the speech, Thomas wants to influence our 2020 graduates by having an encouraging type speech.

“I would approach it in a very inspirational way because we’re starting a new chapter in our lives and I think it would be a good way to end our graduation. I would want more students to go to college or do what they want to do because we’re the class of 2020, we’ve got the vision!” 

Our last and certainly not least candidate is a part of the National Honors Society and AVID, Bry’Anna Navarro.

Navarro presented many great ideas but the most impactful to our school, and not just the seniors, would be to inform the youth.

“I have a list of ideas I want to do but my main focus would be me wanting to inform the youth,” Navarro said. “What I’ve noticed is if you’re not involved in a program like AVID, DATA, or ETA, a lot of information passes you by, and you have to actively look out for it and seek it, and most students don’t do that because they don’t know where to look…”

She had an idea of creating a club for informing the youth that way nobody can get left behind information wise.

“I want to start a club sort of like PALS but for highschoolers. It’ll be for any senior that would like to join, and they would get to be a mentor for all of the younger kids here like freshmen, sophomores, or juniors. They can stay after school and ask them questions like what was the hardest part of high school?”

The platforms are set. Again, the Big Stick advise you to be objective when voting because all these people have good ideas and they all can create an impact. Voting open from Oct. 1st to the 3rd in your English class. Every vote counts.