National Night Out brings 1700 to campus

By Cierra Cervantes | Staff Writer

National Night Out is an event which brings the community together with fun, food, and music.The students make this event a live thing because they bring their friends and family.

“National Night Out was a great turnout which was unexpected due to Mr. Martinez leaving and getting a new job,” attendance liaison Keli Wilson said.

Wilson and new family specialist Melissa Mendiola coordinated the event, which was held on Oct. 1. There were 72 booths filled with activities, information, and food. There were many sponsors like H-E-B and Rackspace.

Junior dazzlers Sarah Reusser and Jazmin Cisneros perform at National Night Out. Photo by Destiny Carter.

“Many sponsors came out like the ambulance, CPS, and Methodist Healthcare even cluster schools,” Wilson said. “Clubs came out also like the Avid, Art, and DATA.”

An estimated 1,700 people came out to participate in this event. The food served by the Culinary Arts almost ran out, but in the end but they managed to serve each person till 8 p.m.

“National Night Out is something I’d recommend to anyone who wants to have a good time after school,” sophomore  Travis Murphy said.