Newly Elected Senior Class President of 2020

Nicholas Ostrowski standing next to a ETA rocket. Photo by Samuel Rocha

By Samuel Rocha | Assignments Editor |

On Oct. 7 during second period announcements, senior class officer positions were announced for everyone to hear. The main position everyone was waiting for, Senior Class President, was said last after the tension built up. The candidates, Sam, Bry’Anna, Felipe, Tomas, and Nicholas all sat patiently until the announcers said “Your Senior Class President for 2020 is… Nicholas Ostrowski!” 

Ostrowski is a four-year ETA student that is well known throughout the school for his unique and humorous personality. 

“Well I ran for class president because it’s a lot faster than walking for president,” Ostrowski said.

“I plan on making this school a better place… me and my cabinet are working on a program to help clean up the school because a lot of people have complained about trash on my social media account for class president.”

The best way of contact for any issue in mind would be his class president Instagram account, @tr_president_nicholas.

Brian North, Roosevelt ETA senior, is one of many Nicholas supporters and has faith for our future with him as president. 

“So far from what we’ve seen on his presidential Instagram, he has been asked several questions on what he should work on and he’s given positive answers, and so far he is making a change already within our community,” North said. 

Another issue the class faces is uniting students from  the diversity within our community. 

“Since freshman year there has been some parts where magnet students like in ETA or DATA haven’t been close with other seniors attending regular Roosevelt,” North said. “But from what I’ve seen so far, Nick is bringing everyone together and is making what seemed impossible, possible. He is creating the Roosevelt community diverse by not excluding anybody whether they’re in ETA, DATA, or even AVID, sort of like all of us in one big family,” North said.

With such a big class of 600 plus students, and five candidates running, not everyone was happy with the results. 

 “The class president should be a representation to all of us, every student at Roosevelt as a whole and most importantly, senior class of 2020,” senior Gabriel Botello. 

If there is any issue in Roosevelt and you’d like to seek help, the best way to get that issue across would be Nicholas’ class president Instagram account @tr_president_nicholas.