Red Ribbon Week brings out wacky dress for good cause

By Breana Bellinger| Staff Writer |

Red Ribbon Week is a week where teachers and students dress up and support staying drug free. The person in charge of Red Ribbon Week is STAN Counselor Werk Cook.

Art from Red Ribbon Week hangs in the cafeteria window.

“Hopefully, students will stop, think about the consequences of their actions, and act before vaping or ingesting opioids,” counselor Cook said. “It’s important to take good care of your body and know what’s safe for you and what’s not.”

The dress up days for Red Ribbon Week are from Oct. 28 to Nov. 1. Oct. 28 is Wear Red, Oct. 29 is Twin Day, Oct. 30 is Hawaiian Day, Oct. 31 is Tie Dye Day, and Nov. 1 is Jersey Day.

“My favorite days are Hawaiian Day and Tie Dye Day,” Coach Matthew Rydell said. “The colors and designs bring out the passion for this special week.”

Red ribbons are spread around the campus of TR High School to celebrate the week and the members support elementary schools, such as Camelot, saying “no” to drugs.

“I like this event because it shows support for refusing drugs and for the people who need help with them,” Junior Rebekah Tamez said.

There’s also an art contest for Red Ribbon Week with posters taped on the cafeteria’s windows for students who are interested in participating. 

There were 27 students who entered the art contest.

“I think the Red Ribbon Contest is important because students are involved in the activity and it’s a visual message of what students should know about drugs. It also promotes an artistic way to express their feelings,” Art I and Painting teacher Kendra Slaughter said.