Rough Riders Impressive Season

By Samuel Rocha | Assignments Editor |

The Riders have been on fire this year since the very beginning of the season. Their impressive 7-1 record helped them clinch playoffs as a tied second with Johnson.

Senior Rashod Owens carries the ball in the Pink Out game against Reagan. The Riders won 28-21. Photo by Lizbeth Pereda

“Having the 7-1 record makes us feel good about ourselves and playoff ready,” varsity linebacker Christian Molina said. “We plan on keeping this momentum by doing good at practice and trusting each other.”

This is their first time making the playoffs since 2012, when they finished with a 9-3 record.

“I’ve been at Roosevelt since March of 2013. I have seen the character, work ethic, and commitment of the athletes in our program grow immensely over the course of the last three years…This growth has lent to greater success on the football field as this group has developed some real chemistry and commitment to one another,” Assistant Head Coach Tony Manning said.

Roosevelt is currently #2 in total offense yards (3314 yards) and #3 in total defense yards (2472 yards) this season. 

“The bond is what makes this year different from the rest. Previous years we’d say we’re a family but this year I think the bond this year is way more stronger and closer than before,” Molina said.

This football team this season boasts impressive rushing stats carried by Rashod Owens, who is currently #1 in total rushing yards in district (1237 yards), and Robert Meadows (461 yards). 

“Rashod’s success is a byproduct of the big guys upfront being physical, our fullback leading the way on most plays, and our receivers blocking better on the perimeter…it has been a team effort,” Manning said. 

The Riders also boast impressive defensive stats as well by allowing 24 points per game and having the third best overall defense in our district.

Emanuel Muhammad, varsity cornerback, recently won the Hammer Award against Johnson on Oct. 26. The Hammer Award is given to a player that makes a game-changing play late in the game that changes the outcome of the game. 

“I blocked a punt while we were down a touchdown in the fourth quarter. We got the ball back and scored a touchdown to tie the game and send it to overtime, and the rest is history,” Muhammad said.

The Riders have gone through struggling seasons over these past four years, 11-19 since 2016, but that gives them more of a drive to win because they know they’ve all grown and improved on their game. 

“I’m very proud and happy to be in this position we are in right now. It’s been an amazing experience this season…I’m just so happy to be in this spot we are in right now,” varsity middle linebacker Josiah Carrillo said.

The Riders play Lee on Friday Nov. 1 at 7:30 and Churchill for senior night on Thursday Nov. 7 at 7:00 both at Heroes Stadium.