Architecture club starts planning doghouse

By Patricia Ayala | Staff Writer |

The architecture club has begun planning their entry for this year’s Barkitecture contest. The competition is about building dog houses, auctioning them off and giving the proceeds to charities or dog pounds.

“I think the members of the club might want to build something retro,” senior Zak Rodriguez said.

Last year the team built a Whataburger dog house. It took from the last week of December all the way through March to finish. Although they didn’t place in the top three, they still have high hopes for this year’s competition.

Although they don’t know for sure what they want to do for their design this year, they’re hoping to do another theme.

“This year I hope we can do a theme like last year,” senior Elisa Polo said. “I feel like it’s just prettier and neater when we do.”

The actual competition is set for May 2, 2020 at Lockwood Park.