Martinez releases strong second album

By Cierra Cervantes | Staff Writer |

Rising from NBC’s hit singing competition show The Voice, Melanie Martinez gained recognition for her talent in the United States. Eventually after weeks of battling other contestants and vying for America’s vote to remain in the competition, she was eliminated. Now she makes her own music and is her own judge.

Recently Melanie Martinez released her 2nd studio album “K-12” with an accompanying film on Sept. 6, 2019. Martinez can be classified as electrical pop, art pop, and alternative pop.

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In her early career, Melanie created her first album in 2015 called “Crybaby.” It charted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200, coming in sixth with 400,000 copies sold. The producers of this album are Tom Sommers, Kinetics and One Love, Kyle Shearer, Scott Hoffman, CJ Baran, Smarterchild, Keenan, and Aalias. Melanie is currently signed with Atlantic records.

K-12 aligns itself with Crybaby in greatness because they both took a lot of production time and came out epic.

In Melanie’s new album “K-12” one song stood out to me called “Show and tell.” In this particular song she talks about how she fears if she does something wrong she”ll get thrown away as a banana peel. ”I’m just like you, you’re like me; imperfect and human, are we?” This lyric stood out to me the most because she talks about being human and being just like each and every one of us.

This album is worth its time due to its hard work and musicality along with the production of a  film movie as well. 

K-12 is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Play Music and is available to purchase on Itunes.