Students, Faculty compete in tennis

By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor | The student-faculty tennis tournament gave the tennis players and the teachers an opportunity to have some fun outside the classroom May 15. Ten teams competed with junior Oscar De La Torre and German teacher Sara Gutierrez winning first place. “Oscar is an awesome partner and although the competition was tough, we pulled through […]

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Fortnite remains popular

By Bralynn Sampson | Graphic by Axel Meza | Fortnite mobile is being excessively played, and once it became mobile accessible it made $1.3 million dollars in 3 days, and $126 million in one month. This surpassed its Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) revenue. So what makes this game so addicting? Designed by Darren Sugg, this is a simple game that […]

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Things get real when graduation announcements arrive

By Desiree Flores | Assignments Editor | Photo by Shamya Haywood | Josten’s Company arrived on Friday April 13,  for graduation announcement delivery. “I felt great, I know it is getting closer to the day I finally get to walk the stage, and say I made it” said senior Casey Garcia. On Wednesday May 23, Josten’s will return for graduation […]

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