Chilean Miners

  After being trapped underground for 50 plus days, Chilean miners finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. On August 5th tons of rocks collapsed causing the miners to become trapped and it wasn’t until 17 days later on August 22nd that rescue workers found out that the miners were alive. For 69 days they were trapped […]

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Beaten Angel

Ceslie A. Martinez TBS Contributing Writer You hear her sobs ring out Her eyes have a melnacholic shine Yet you are still filled with doubt How your ignorance goes on, amazes me Even though you are not the only one The Gods in Heaven would agree Bruises showing in the bright sun It will be too late when you call […]

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The Majestic Woman

Arielle Massey TBS Contributing Writer Maria looked outside her palace. She looked at the green grass, yellow pastele colored roses, and vines that went up and down the palace walls, around the trees. She glimosed at the full moon, the silver stars, they were breathe taking and looked like the milky way. Maria started to go outside in the garden. […]

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