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How to improve your time spent using Microsoft Paint
Get creative and improve your art skills in a few simple steps
Appreciate the art of museums this summer with these exhibitions in San Antonio
by Monica Smith | staff writer With an ample amount of free time during summer break, it's important to dedicate a slice of it to appreciate the local art around San Antonio. It's often that museums can be overlooked and presented as unexciting be (More)
Hands-on classes find new ways to adapt to virtual curriculum
How artists are using social media to promote their drawings
by Monica Smith | staff writer A blank sheet of paper and a set of Prismacolor pencils is all junior Pedro Diaz needs to create a drawing so detailed and vivid that it makes you wonder if his hands are a magic printer. His Instagram account, conta (More)
Making the most of unlimited free time in quarantine
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Quarantine has opened up more free time than students care to admit, and although some students are taking this time to get ahead on work or play video games or stay up until three in the morning watching tiktoks, s (More)
VASE: Seventeen Students Advance to State
      After 120 art students participated in the annual Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) on Feb. 8, 17 of them advanced to State. This put the school in third place in the district, ahead of NESA. (More)
Works of Art
Bush's art students working hard on a new assignment that is sure to brighten up our hallways soon. (More)
Luminaria Contemporary Festival
On Saturday, Nov. 10 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM, Luminaria is hosting an after-dark contemporary arts festival in downtown San Antonio. Over 50 artists will show off their art in celebration of San Antonio’s 300 year anniversary.   “I reall (More)
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