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Scholastic Art
Say Si hosted 2015 Scholastic Art Awards on January 30, 2015 , which was a ceremony to award the students for their efforts in contributing in supporting the arts. Photo by, www.morguefile.com[/caption] Students read many different books for sch (More)
Incredible Snow Designs!
Many people all across the world love snow. Snow angels, snowmen, or even the simple snowballs are often made. But one British artist named Simon Beck, took the art of snow designs to another level. Beck has been turning snow into amazing geometric s (More)
Chalk It Up
Chalk It Up
The Garner Art Club participated this past weekend in the Chalk It Up Event downtown.  Despite the rain in the morning, everyone had a great time. (More)
Photo Story: School Days by Aria Hernandez
Photojournalist Aria Hernandez visually documents the everyday activities of the average Reagan student. [nggallery id=157]     (More)
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