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Four years in cotton t-shirts
by Lexi Rosas | Editor-In-Chief Within a high schooler’s four years, a time where basic t-shirts are so heavily embedded in the average teen’s wardrobe, it may seem impossible (at the time) to turn down the ever cheerful and even pushy cheerleader o (More)
Jags on schedule for a great future
by Sam Abbas | staff writer Whether it’s taking the SAT and ACT, researching various universities, or getting involved in an off-campus organization, there are several ways in which students can prepare themselves for life after high school- even (More)
Creative Writers Are Set For Art Unplugged This Saturday
This Saturday, Dec. 13, the NESA Creative Writer\'s will be having their annual Art Unplugged, a show of poetry, acoustic music, dance, and other performance art in the auditorium, from  7 to 9 p.m. A band of three ISA teachers, The New Deal will be (More)
What to write
Photo by, www.morguefile.com Students read many different books for sch (More)
Incredible Snow Designs!
Many people all across the world love snow. Snow angels, snowmen, or even the simple snowballs are often made. But one British artist named Simon Beck, took the art of snow designs to another level. Beck has been turning snow into amazing geometric s (More)
Chalk It Up
The Garner Art Club participated this past weekend in the Chalk It Up Event downtown.  Despite the rain in the morning, everyone had a great time. (More)
Photos from Night Gallery
\"Watching You\" by students from Bradley M. S.Photo by Gabby Alls The Night Gall (More)
Students decide to pursue electives in college
by Emma Fitzhuge | Staff Writer As she walks into her fifth period art class, she understands that this class isn’t just simply earning her the necessary fine arts credit, but rather an opportunity to gain more experience in the activity she enjoys. (More)
Right On Target
Photo by Gabby Alls A Recognition of The Unsung Tradition Perhaps the most unreco (More)
Chalk It Up!
Max, who recently emigrated from Ukraine, works intently on an unfinished (More)
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