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Baseball season underway following snow delays
Not only because of the current state of the pandemic, but the hold back caused by the snow week, the baseball team has begun their season later than anticipated. As of now, Coach Gordon Gesell, varsity boys baseball coach, has led his team to 2:1 wi (More)
Baseball team stays flexible with yoga each week
Katie Barton|staff writer The lights in the gym are turned off, the gym is only illuminated by the light of a yoga video, as the baseball team goes through their usual Friday afternoon yoga routine.  “We started eight years ago,”  baseball coac (More)
Pre-Season-Varsity Baseball Scrimmage
The 2019 overall season 13-17 for varsity baseball boys has been the best season they had in over 5 years. Ready to be back, they started their 2020 pre-season against Central Catholic at North East Sports Park on Feb. 12, and the team won 6-5. [c (More)
The Baseball Field Needs a Netting System
     Two cars in front of the baseball field were hit by baseballs during practice last week. The school’s campus traffic rules state that the school is “not liable for any damage incurred to vehicles while parked on campus”, so the people that were (More)
Baseball season begins with tryouts done, tournaments approaching
By Eric Martinez | staff  writer Now that tryouts are done, the baseball teams look forward to their  first tournament on February 21. “I think it’s got a lot of promise coming up we got some good young players, some good older players that ha (More)
Clash in The World Series
A clash between two dominant MLB teams turned out to be quite a quick series. In only five games the Red Sox beat the Dodgers 4-1. In the first two games the Red Sox had no problem jumping to an early 2-0 lead. Beating LA 8-4 in game one and 4-2 i (More)
Baseball Makes a Come-Bat
With the start of Districts peeking around the corner and the first tournament looming overhead, the boys baseball team practice for long hours to sharpen their skills and improve as a team before their first game on Tuesday, Feb. 27. “We’ve been (More)
Colleges pursue CTJ athletes
by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer Athletes in every sport are gearing up to impress the college coaches as high school comes to an end. As seniors are about to graduate, they still remember how they began the road to college. “I’ve been playin (More)
Softball, baseball slide into the postseason
by Samuel Abbas | sports editor After both the softball and baseball teams accomplished sweeps in the first round, both varsity teams will be advancing to the second round of the playoffs. Softball will take on Southlake Carroll while baseball tak (More)
Baseball runs out of game three magic
Baseball is a sport where one split second decision can win or lose a game, a tenth of a second can push a ball ten feet to the left or right for a double instead of an out, or vice versa. No matter how much time you spend preparing, sometimes the ba (More)
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