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Churchill for the win!
Churchill for the Win! Monday February 11 the Churchill Chargers girls basketball team played in their last game of the season, the playoffs. After a long and hard season of basketball, our Lady Chargers came out undefeated. They practiced non sto (More)
Jumping over Johnson
Continuing their successful season, the girl's basketball team played against Johnson on Wednesday, Jan. 30, at the Blossom gym. (More)
Mid-district Woes-Varsity team defeated by Mavericks
With a rough start to the season, only winning seven out of the nineteen games, the boys basketball team loses to Madison with a final score of 70-50 on Saturday, January 12. (More)
School is out, but practice is still on
by Eric Martinez | staff writer While most will be huddled up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate at home, coach Lee Miller and his wrestling team will be at school still practicing for the sports season. “Wrestling is an intense conditioni (More)
Bulldogs Handle the Hawks
The 8th grade Bulldogs hooped it up last week against the Harris Hawks. The Bulldogs A & B teams won their games and de-feathered the Hawks. (More)
Bulldogs C-Team Shines Against the Wolves
Bulldogs Sweep the Jags
The 7th grade Bulldogs dominated the Jackson Jaguars last week in the dogpound. The A-team won by a score of 49-48. The B-team won by a score of 40-12. The Go-team capped off the night by slam-dunking the Jaguars 14-13. Way to go dogs! bef (More)
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