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Johnson Basketball heads to playoffs
by Isai Carmona | staff writer With the Johnson Basketball season coming to an end, Coach Desmarais is preparing her team to reign supreme in the coming tournament. After beating Reagan last Friday, Feb 5, the plan is to progress each week as they (More)
‘Fit’ting in, standing out
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor Basketball Coach Stephanie Desmarais stands, or rather asserts herself, on the sidelines of a hazy, blazing basketball court, filled with echoes of an audience. However, she is the one to catch the crowd’s eye. High h (More)
8th Grade Bulldogs Declaw the Jaguars
The Bulldogs continued their season after a brief pause due to COVID. The dogs dominated the Jaguars and came home with another set of wins. (More)
Bulldogs Sweep Defenders in Home Opener
Keeping the season moving forward - even remotely
Lily Moran| staff writer The campus has not just faced learning remotely - but also how to get ready for a potential athletics season, but on Zoom. “It has been a big change and for everyone,” senior Samuel Moore said. “For me it has given me m (More)
The Jimmy Butler Story
September 14, 1989, Jimmy Butler III was born in Houston, Texas but sadly not into the best family, growing up Jimmy never knew his father and had a bad relationship with his mother. So bad that it led him to be kicked out into the streets by his mot (More)
Sports put on hold, as the COVID-19 Pandemic Continues
by John Casarez | staff writer As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the sports lockdown also continues.  There is one thing almost all of America wants to do right now. We all just want to go outside and throw the ball or shoot some hoops, you'r (More)
Mamba Memorial-Remembering Kobe Bryant
Today is Feb. 24 and Kobe Bryant’s memorial will be at the Staples Center to honor the late hero and his daughter Gianna Bryant. In remembrance of the Black Mamba today sports fans should take some time and look back at his illustrious career. Here i (More)
Change made to the 2020-2022 UIL district alignment
by Joe Casarez | staff writer With the release of the new UIL realignment Johnson, along with other NEISD schools, have shifted from district 27-6A to 28-6A as two additional new schools have been introduced from Northside. “They added two more (More)
Varsity Basketball take on the Jags
Varsity boys basketball competed against Johnson High School at Blossom Athletic Center on Feb 4, and the team lost 52-58.         (More)
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