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How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is universally hated by single people. However, the day before Valentine’s Day can be just as special as the holiday, and perhaps less hated.  Amy Pohler’s character Leslie Knope, from the mockumentary-style sitcom Parks and Recrea (More)
Vision Boards: What, Why, and How
Among the fireworks and sparkling grape juice, resolutions abound. Some people write them in a journal, put them in their phone, or share them with friends. The feeling of mid-January defeat is a pretty universal experience. You set a goal or make (More)
7 Fashion Trends You Should Wear This Winter Break
If you are looking for some style inspo, you've come to the right place! Here are a couple of trends I love right now. Most of these styles are gender-neutral, pretty simple, and don't break the bank. Most items pictured are second hand. 1. Mock nec (More)
Naturopathic Earth
Health Science teacher Mr. Albert Luna, runs a health and lifestyle blog outside of school to bring what he teaches in the classroom to a larger group. “I run a blog called naturopathic earth,” Mr. Luna said. “Naturopathy is the science in which y (More)
5 Easy Christmas Desserts
As the Christmas season approaches, one thing to look forward to besides spending time with family and opening presents is the holiday baking. Here's a list of simple treats you can make. Christmas fudge All you need are two ingredients: 1 can (More)
How To Have An Allergy Free Thanksgiving Menu
Photo by juliasalbum.com Every (More)
Where are the best breakfast tacos around Mac?
Caracheo’s: https://www.yelp.com/biz/caracheos-mexican-restaurant-san-antonio Tacoritos: http://www.tacoritos.com & (More)
Top 5 reasons why everyone should be eating Chia Seeds
One of the most beneficial foods on the planet are the tiny black seeds you usually find at the bottom of healthy lemonades and smoothies; chia seeds. Chia seeds come from the chia plant in the mint family. These seeds don't have a taste, but they ar (More)
29th Annual San Antonio Asian Festival
The 29th annual Asian Festival took place on February 13, 2016 in celebration of the year of the monkey. Here's a list of a few restaurants available to purchase from outside of the festival: Tongs Thai: More)
How To: Mountain Dew Doritio Cupcakes
Everybody knows the most popular best combinations: apple and cinnamon, bacon and maple, lemon and blueberry. The most popular combination among gamers, however, is Mountain Dew and nacho cheese Doritos. These odd but sinfully delicious cupcakes will (More)
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