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Hands-on classes find new ways to adapt to virtual curriculum
Bush Choir Retreats
The Bush choir spent the past few weekends bonding at their annual retreat. (More)
Mac Students Make All-State
After successfully completing the all-state audition process, Olivia Barron, Moiz Rehman, and Andrew Lockett made all-state choir and will perform with some of the most talented choir students in the state. Senior Olivia Barron  Q: What was the (More)
Fine arts prepare for end of year concerts
by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer The choir, band, and orchestra are preparing for their end of year concerts later this month.  “This performance is the orchestra winter concert, it'll be on [Dec] 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium, and all four (More)
The Most Successful Fundraisers
            The most common way to raise money for an organization at school is through fundraisers. There are different types of fundraisers. One example are crazy sales such as selling mattresses like band and choir have before. Another way is by o (More)
Camps, practices held over the summer
Sofia Colignon | News Editor Students involved in extracurricular activities need to start making time over the summer to attend camp and practices in order to be involved in the program next school year. “Cheerleaders are given the camp date a (More)
Choirs take top honors at UIL contests
by Alexis McCutchan | Editor-in-Chief Six of the campus choirs performed at UIL this past weekend at Alamo Heights High School and earned sweepstakes trophy which means they earned a superior rating in concert and superior rating in sight-reading. (More)
PTA Holiday Concert Jingles Some Bells
The Bush Musical Arts department joined forces this week for a festive evening of holiday cheer. (More)
Bush Choir Rings the Carol of the Bells
Bush Choir Spreads Some Holiday Cheer
The Bush Choir Department performed last night to a packed crowd. The evening was full of cheerful holiday performances. (More)
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