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PTA Holiday Concert Jingles Some Bells
The Bush Musical Arts department joined forces this week for a festive evening of holiday cheer. (More)
Bush Choir Rings the Carol of the Bells
Bush Choir Spreads Some Holiday Cheer
The Bush Choir Department performed last night to a packed crowd. The evening was full of cheerful holiday performances. (More)
Bush Choir: Boys 2 Men
The Bush Men's Choir attended the Boys 2 Men conference this week and had the experience of a lifetime. (More)
Bush Choir Hits the Note
The Bush Choir Department put on a wonderful concert last night to a packed audience. All choirs performed and it was a great evening of masterful music. (More)
Girls Choir Bonds at Annual Retreat
Bush's 8th grade girls choir spent last weekend in the Texas Hill Country bonding and having fun in the great outdoors. (More)
Bush Choir Hits the Note
The Bush choir had their October concert in the Bush Cafetorium last week. They sang wonderfully to a packed house. (More)
Hakuna Matata, What a Wonderful Phrase...
"Hakuna Matata" was announced as choir's theme for this year at the first concert of the year on Sept. 28, in the auditorium.   The theme was chosen based on the number of hardships that the choir will be going though this year, including Mrs. Gal (More)
Electives attract many students
by Laura Navarro | staff writer When it came down to choosing her electives for high school, junior Ananda Bhatia decided on choir for numerous reasons. “I feel like choir is almost like a family, and I love singing and doing all the different (More)
Fall Choir Concert
The Concert Chorale on stage. photo by Janelle Garcia (More)
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