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Bush Choir Hits the Note
The Bush choir had their October concert in the Bush Cafetorium last week. They sang wonderfully to a packed house. (More)
Bush Choir Bonds at Retreat
Bush's award winning choir took some time to relax a few week ago at their annual retreat. (More)
Hakuna Matata, What a Wonderful Phrase...
"Hakuna Matata" was announced as choir's theme for this year at the first concert of the year on Sept. 28, in the auditorium.   The theme was chosen based on the number of hardships that the choir will be going though this year, including Mrs. Gal (More)
Dance and Sing!
The advanced girl's treble choir is continuing the annual tradition of choreographing a song for the 8th grade girl choir concert. Caroline Allen, Ashley Gemoets, Hailey Ramirez, and Rachel Riggs are the dance leaders in the performance. Come watch t (More)
Electives attract many students
by Laura Navarro | staff writer When it came down to choosing her electives for high school, junior Ananda Bhatia decided on choir for numerous reasons. “I feel like choir is almost like a family, and I love singing and doing all the different (More)
Bush PTA Honors Teacher and Parent with Lifetime Membership
The Bush PTA held it's annual meeting last week before the Winter Concert. Mrs. Spradling, a Bush Science teacher, and Mrs. Kaiman, a Bush parent and the PTA's president were honored with lifetime memberships. The band, choir, and orchestra were on h (More)
Choir Hosts Traditional Holiday Breakfast
The Bush choir hosted it's annual holiday breakfast for the faculty and staff on Wednesday morning before the break. Several students sang amazing solos and the morning was capped off by a fantastic group performance of "Away in a Manger". Check out (More)
Bush's Advanced Treble Choir recently performed at their Winter Concert. One of their crowd-pleasing songs was titled, "Haida". "Haida" is a Hebrew folk song. Click here to listen! (More)
The Choir Elves
The choir room was recently turned into a winter wonderland as a mysterious group of "choir elves". The end product was a very decorated classroom that oozed of Christmas spirit. (More)
Joy to the World
The Bush Choir gets caught in the halls practicing for their traditional caroling performance. The BBNN was filmed this little piece that is truly "music to the ears". (More)
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