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Two weeks off gives you plenty of time to catch a new movie
by David Kent | staff writer Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - (Dec. 14) The art style of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse takes heavy inspiration from the aged comic books create (More)
Are you Santa, the Grinch, or somewhere in between
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UIW brightens up the holiday season
Christmas gift ideas for this 2018
Christmas is the season for giving, but that can be kind of scary when you don't know what to give your loved ones for Christmas. Will they like it? Will they even use it? Whatever the case is, I've got you covered. For your (girl) best friend: (More)
Jags donate to make a difference
by Eric Martinez| Staff writer The holiday season has lead to numerous donation and fundraising drives across the Johnson campus. “We are doing a toy drive because we are adopting an elementary school that we are going to just to give each of t (More)
For when you want to spread an obnoxious amount of holiday spirit
by Lauryn Hughes | Staff writer The tinsel is hung, the lights are strung, and all the tacky Christmas sweaters are out for display, Christmas if finally here. Now there are some cute Christmas sweaters that can be worn without curious glances and (More)
Have you been listening to Christmas music since October?
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Boerne kicks off the holiday with some Christmas cheer
A new look at Christmas lights at the JW Marriott
Looking for an exciting lighting besides your neighbor's yard? The JW Marriott has a huge light show, reindeer meeting, and Santa meeting. Snow falls ne (More)
Move aside Christmas, it's Thanksgiving Time
by David Kent | staff writer At last it’s the month of November, the season of the turkey; where we all gather around a table and express our gratitude for the things that we have in our life. And yet people are celebrating Christmas of all things (More)
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