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Christmas Starts in November
It’s the beginning of November and people are preparing for Thanksgiving. As they walk in the store to buy things for the holiday, an annoyed expression appears on their faces. Christmas is not until the end of December and stores are already packed (More)
Settling the debate: is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer Is the 1988 action flick “Die Hard,”starring Bruce Willis, the most ultimate Christmas movie that ever existed? To some that might sound silly, I mean come on, a movie about freeing hostages from a building full of t (More)
12 Christmas movies that are definitely on the nice list
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer It’s that time of year again: the time for gifts, holiday music, tons of food, and Christmas movies. From the action of Die Hard to the holiday classics like Frosty the Snowman, here’s a list of christmas movies tha (More)
Christmas from a non-celebrator's perspective
by Aleeha Shah | news editor It’s that time of year again. The time of lights, decorations, and holiday traditions. For most people, this is a time of giving gifts and spending time with family, but for someone who doesn’t celebrate anything, like (More)
Unconventional Holiday Playlist
The Kinks - Father Christmas The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song The Ramones - Merry Christmas Weezer - The Christmas Song Pearl Jam - Let Me Sleep Yellowcard - Christmas Lights The Waitresses - Christmas Wra (More)
11 Christmas Comedies To Watch This Christmas Break
Christmas break is a time to catch up with your relatives, exchange gifts, dwell in the Christmas spirit, and stay home to binge watch all the movies and TV shows you couldn't watch during the school week. Here are 11 comedy movies that will warm you (More)
5 Easy Christmas Desserts
As the Christmas season approaches, one thing to look forward to besides spending time with family and opening presents is the holiday baking. Here's a list of simple treats you can make. Christmas fudge All you need are two ingredients: 1 can (More)
Losing the spirit of Christmas
A part of growing up means losing the same feeling you felt as a child on Christmas morning. Mac staff goes to find the cause of these melancholy holiday feelings and how we can preserve the spirit of Christmas. (More)
9 Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas!
A list to help you find a present for a friend, family, or significant other, or maybe what you could add to your own wish list. Giving a book to someone for them to read is a good idea, especially the book American Girls by Allison Umminger. T (More)
Stu Co leads Toys for Tots efforts on campus
by Myralexis Tijerina| staff writer In spirit of the holidays, people of the community and the schools come together to give love and presents to people in need through the program, Toys for Tots. “You know what, I think it's a neat organizatio (More)
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