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Many people don't realize the importance of the FAFSA
by Tala Kamil | staff writer The FAFSA application process  opens on Oct. 1,providing access to financial aid for students applying to college. “The FAFSA is your financial aid info and assistance with getting into college and anything in that (More)
Oh the places they'll go: senior choices take them all over the map
Students planning to go to college need to move their gaze towards FAFSA
Emma Fischer| feature editor The date for the openings of FAFSA to assist financially in the fall of 2019 had opened on October 1 2018, and the number of spots for financial assistance are dwindling down. Although it may be a little late for this (More)
Senior Spring Checklist
It’s your last year in the high school education system, but before you go there are some things you have to do. This time all of it is your choice, you get to pick what college you attend, what to study, and what you want to pursue in life. Although (More)
What you should know about recommendation letters
by Sofia Colignon | news editor Building relationships with teachers as students can be more important than you may think and whether you’ve done it or not will be evident once senior year comes around. When asking teachers for letters of recommen (More)
Maybe college doesn't have to be so hard
As the end of the first semester starts to come to a close, many students are searching for ways to find affordable living at dream college (that they will hopefully get into). But never fear! College Life, an app designed specifically for this reaso (More)
Goodbye winter, hello late college applications
staff writer | Lauren Loveless Spring brings the last minute manic senior search for college applications, but for students like Lawrence Belai, applications aren’t an issue. Instead, he chooses to take a year to acclimate to adult life before goi (More)
A duel between AP and Dual credit
by Elly Beauchamp | Staff Writer According to the College Board, the average cost of a school year at private colleges averages around $34,740 while public school costs average around $9,970. However, some students are cutting these costs by takin (More)
UT Austin lowers automatic acceptance rate by 1%
by Arianna Michaud | staff writer The University of Texas at Austin has been the school many look to after graduation. Students may have dreamt of being a longhorn since they were young, and those in the top percent of their class were ecstatic to (More)
Annual college night for NEISD at Blossom
by Lauren Loveless | staff writer NEISD  will be hosting the annual college night from 6 pm to 8 pm on Nov 1. College Night is an event where students are given the opportunity to find out more about colleges, from in state and out of state, and w (More)
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