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Need to see some Jag action this season? You'll need to go online
by Tala Kamil | staff writer Students and fans who want to attend football games this year must purchase tickets online. Around 4,000 to 5,000 people typically attend an NEISD sporting event each weekend, depending on the sport and the venue. O (More)
Campus sends guidelines, protocols for incoming phase 3 students
by Katie Barton & Lauryn Chavez | staff report Phase 3 is starting on Monday Oct. 5 and in an email sent to all Johnson families Principal Gary Comalander  detailed the expectations for on-campus students.  Moving into phase 3 means that th (More)
Halloween will look different this year because of COVID-19
by Katie Barton|staff writer  In a usual year, sophomore Carson Pierdolla would spend his Halloween night at his front door passing out candy to kids in colorful costumes. But like so many other things, the Coronavirus has changed those plans. (More)
Lunch precautions keeping students, staff safe
by Chloe Jordan | staff writer As the phase-in plan continues to move forward, precautions and safety measures are being put into place for lunches. “Students are allowed to eat inside the cafeteria and outdoor courtyard. There are stickers pla (More)
Failures of Tiger King
As COVID-19 shuts everyone in and puts the world on pause, Tiger King is taking the world by storm. The documentary is filled with oddball characters, insane agendas, and of course, adorable big cats. With eight completely unpredictable episodes, it (More)
NEISD athletics adapt to a season affected by COVID
With school board approval and UIL guidelines, the Jags are back on the field and on the court, gearing up for their fall 2020 seasons. “We're expecting every sport this year to have some little tweak to it that will make it a little bit different (More)
Senior parent creates community for graduating seniors via social media
Lauren Loveless | editor in chief Disappointed that senior year is coming to an unfortunate end, students nationwide are having to find creative ways to celebrate their high school career. However, feeling that seniors should not be alone in this (More)
District phase-in plan moving forward
by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer A little over 200 students were welcomed back on campus this week as NEISD began phase 1 of its board approved plan. “The main point for North East was that with our phase-in plan, we did not want to have someth (More)
Teachers tackle common issues digitally, virtually
by Tala Kamil | staff writer Technology issues continue to be a part of each teacher’s day as the fall semester begins. “The fact that not all students are able to access all of the technology/applications using whatever device they have and th (More)
Communities are spreading positivity through painted rocks
Lauryn Hughes | arts editor With the coronavirus keeping everyone at home there are new things that people are doing to help spread joy to others around them without getting too close to them. One of the newest things that have been noticed around (More)
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