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Band begins its indoor season
by Katie Barton | staff writer During the second semester band starts its concert or indoor season which means new safety measures will be added to keep students and staff safe. “For indoor band, we are going to balance splitting up WW and Bras (More)
Student trainers manage new protocols to avoid COVID
by Lily Moran | staff writer In light of Covid-19 student trainers have had to alter their class that involves hands-on learning. “Being a trainer is really hands on and hard to do over zoom, the meetings over zoom were so weird in comparison t (More)
Campus relying on technology to help keep virus at bay
Karina Correa | staff writer Just like Metro Health, the campus is relying on contract tracing to stop the spread of COVID on campus. Contract tracing is the process that starts once a case has been identified. Basically, the whereabouts of the (More)
Administration seeking solutions to falling student grades
by Kenneth Rosa | staff writer Districts across the state are seeing a record number of students failing in more than one class both virtually and on campus.   “We pulled a report about a week ago that showed us all students that failed one or (More)
District offering free Covid-19 testing for students, staff
by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief NEISD is now offering free Covid-19 testing to students and staff members. “We are conducting them at Piper-Bass Student Memorial Center, over here by the Blossom Athletics Center,” NEISD nurse coordinator D’ (More)
Students who have jobs may face pressure to complete assignments
by Monica Smith | staff writer Every high school student is familiar with the workload of academic responsibilities that are expected to be met within a certain word count or due date. But for those juggling a job during the day and various assign (More)
NEISD has updated their mask policy
Katie Barton | staff writer Gaiters and bandannas are now no longer allowed to be worn as masks inside the school building, according to the new NEISD mask policy. More)
TEA releases guidelines allowing districts to make students not succeeding in virtual learning return to in-person instruction
by Chloe Jordan | staff writer The Texas Education Agency has created new guidelines to allow districts to make students who are failing classes or have too many absences to stop virtual learning and come back to school in-person. “So, this las (More)
How essential workers during the early pandemic faced the sudden rush of customers
by Monica Smith | staff writer  As the cases of COVID-19 in San Antonio gradually increased in late March, every Texan began to prepare for the worst — buying toilet paper, infecttant wipes, sanitizer; anything and everything that was available to (More)
USDA makes decision for meals to be free for students
Cafeteria worker prepare enchiladas for student lunches. by Kenneth Ro (More)
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