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Photo-Booth Fun at the 8th Grade Dance
The eighth graders had a great time a few weeks ago at the eighth grade dance. Here is some Photo-Booth Fun! (More)
Reserve your spot to work with the Hamilton cast
Emma Fischer | Feature Editor When I walked into the studio, I didn’t expect to be working as hard as I did, but the performers of Hamilton work hard, and in turn they worked us hard. The masterclass was taught by Tyler McKenzie, a Hamilton cas (More)
8th Graders Shine at Hollywood Nights Dance!
The 8th grade Bulldogs had a blast last thursday at the annual 8th grade dance. All pictures are available for free download by clicking on the image. Enjoy! (More)
OSS event moved to December instead of the usual January date
Emma Fischer| feature editor NEISD's annual One Singular Sensation is set for Dec. 15 and 16 this year instead of the usual January or February weekend. “OSS(One Singular Sensation) is about how all of the schools in the district; their dance a (More)
Dancers express disappointment when band is off at competitions and not football games
by Emma Fischer | feature editor Screaming, jumping, and yelling in the stands, sophomore Kaylani Philavong dances her stand routines with the rest of the pep squad, but with the band gone for competitions and games, she notices how much quieter t (More)
Color guard puts a little pep in their step
by Emma Fischer | feature editor After the long day of dancing, pushing herself to the limit of flexibility, in the sun or in the gym, freshman Hannah Miller learned five stand dances, three band dances, and two performance routines in the span of s (More)
Sixth Grade Students Show How to Glow at School Dance
The Student Council sponsored the first dance of the year last Friday and it was a HUGE success! Most of the sixth grade class showed up and danced the night away. Check out these great pics from this "glowing" evening of fun. [gallery type="slidesh (More)
Dance goes to Broadway
After ending the season with a success, placing third overall at nationals, Dance will continue to grow as performers by going to New York on Apr. 25 to experience different dance styles and work with Broadway dancers. "Nationals was a team bondin (More)
From the outside
by Emma Fischer|staff writer As if she ran a marathon, freshman Madeline McJiltion returns home after a three and a half hour practice, exhausted, and still in that time, doing her homework in the car rides. Every single day she runs through her r (More)
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