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Seasons on hold, future uncertain as campus remains closed
Lauryn Chavez | staff writer With the pandemic putting many things on hold, athletes are left questioning if they’ll be able to return to their sport this season. Principal Gary Comalander has eased some thought for these athletes as there is s (More)
Boys basketball looks to coming tournaments
by David Kent | staff writer This year’s boys basketball season is already off to a good start, with the Varsity team having a lead of seven to one. “Well, boys basketball is off to a great start. At this time we’ve played one tournament and wo (More)
Next year brings new security measures
by David Kent | staff writer North East Independent School District has moved forward with increased security measures such as new clear-backpack policy and metal detector wands. With the school year coming to a close, new security measures are be (More)
A district wide change may be on the books
by Elly Beauchamp | editor in chief As the 2019 school year starts to come to a close, NEISD is beginning discussions of a district wide ranking change, which would change the current GPA multiplier of 1.29 for all AP classes. “There is discus (More)
Spring sports in action
Girls basketball start off their season strong
by Michelle Brooks | sports editor Although the style of play and the dynamics for the team is different than last year, the girl's basketball team is going to use it to their advantage to win games. Their season began on Oct 18 and they have alre (More)
Jags hit the hardwood for 15-16 season
by Samuel Abbas | sports editor Following a second round exit last year, the Jags look to come back stronger this season. With many first year varsity players now on the team, the Jags look to develop their young talent and win games. “I’ve be (More)
Bond approval brings turf to sub-varsity fields
by Samuel Abbas | sports editor All NEISD Athletic programs will see a change this summer with new turf on their sub-varsity fields. These changes will impact each program differently with many pros and cons. “Yes, all seven high schools are (More)
Brune\'s Breakdown: Football Pre Season Rankings
High school football in Texas is competitive to say the least. Every year, district 26-6a hosts some of the most talented teams in the region and a respectable amount of future college football players. Last year the Reagan Rattlers won the district (More)
Low participation in academic UIL brings lower district results
by Audrey Payne | copy editor Students participate in many extracurricular activities, from musical activities to sports to leadership roles like Student Council and more. But how many of those students are involved in extracurricular academics, s (More)
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