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European colleges often overlooked option
by Emma Fischer | feature editor Debt is something many students fear will happen to them as soon as they step into college. There are many ways around it--scholarships, joining the military, certain job benefits, grants and more, but there is als (More)
Has Disney run out of ideas?
Emma Fischer|feature editor Since 2015, there have been seven remakes of beloved Disney films. Disney won’t stop this mass production of remakes anytime soon, either. “The Lion King” comes out over the summer and four more remakes have a release d (More)
Why are people so obsessed with Zodiac Signs
by David Kent | staff writer If you’re a very passionate and abrasive person, then you’re probably a Scorpio, or you’re a Capricorn. In modern society, people have been taking to astrologic (More)
Oblivion an editorial by robert bosquez
Oblivion   Sunday night, 11 pm. I was with my father; we were heading home from dropping my step mom off to run some errands. We had stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to turn green. It was quiet; the static sound of the ra (More)
Abandon Toys (some for good reasons)
Abandon toys   We all have played with toys in our childhood,some stayed relevant Others fell into obscurity.Today i’m going to give you three toys from your childhood that fell off the face of the earth. From amazing and fun wonders to d (More)
The over aggressive climate
Why is today's social climate so aggressive? An editorial by Robert Bosquez   We are all humans, no matter what part of the world we are from. We all bleed. If we are all the same, then why is today's social climate so aggressive? Why are we so (More)
Stan Lee; a Legacy
by David Kent | staff writer Sitting at his dimly lit desk in a rainy and dreary New York City, a young Stan Lee writes away at a wrinkled sheet of paper. The wrinkled, yellow sheet had countless things scratched out while other were written out a (More)
Additions to the family
by Emma Fischer| features editor This month, six years ago, we adopted two of my three siblings. I have heard many people saying that they will adopt when th (More)
Scandalous Shoulders
Emma Fischer| feature editor Through many years, I have been told not to be a distraction, that I should cover my shoulders, my legs, my bra strap. Is it a s (More)
Dear Slow People
by David Kent | staff writer   Dear slow people, move out of the way. Whenever I’m walking in the hallway, there's always that one person who walks a (More)
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