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Move aside Christmas, it's Thanksgiving Time
by David Kent | staff writer At last it’s the month of November, the season of the turkey; where we all gather around a table and express our gratitude for the things that we have in our life. And yet people are celebrating Christmas of all things (More)
Notes, The Steps Toward Success, an editorial by Roberto Bosquez
Notes,the step towards success.   Since everyone has gone to school at some point in his or her life, he or she might know the act of taking notes. Love or hate it, there is no denying that note taking helps students dramatically on test a (More)
CLEAR BACKPACKS A clear issue A editorial by Robert Bosquez
My opinion on the clear backpacks is the same as most of my classmates, negative. The reason I say this is quite simple; the rule for clear backpacks is ineffective. I think in striving to make us feel safer, it just misses the mark.   I had a (More)
Bottom line: biased social media isn't a news source
Staring down at their bright screens and disregarding what is going on around them,most teens spend over 75% of their time on their phones. Many liking posts, stalking people they think that are cute, looking at videos/memes or reading what they call (More)
Time's up for Powder Puff
by Arianna Michaud | staff writer Powderpuff is sexist - plain and simple (anything that originates in 1945 is rarely anything but). The powder puff football game originated in South Dakota, at Eastern State Teachers College four months after the (More)
Why "Love, Simon" is the most important teen movie you'll see this year
by Courtney Smith | Editor in Chief Before I get into why everyone and their mother (literally) should go see Love, Simon in theaters, I would like to start off with a disclaimer for the haters who are worried: no, going to see this movie will not (More)
Logan Paul's Vlogs in Japan
Logan Paul, a famous vlogger with over 15 million subscribers on Youtube, uploaded an offensive video to Youtube on Dec. 31 2017. The vlog was based off of his adventures in Japan which includes him harassing people and throwing things at them, yelli (More)
Review: Neil deGrasse Tyson presentation at the Tobin Center
by Emma Fisher | staff writer The presentation performed by Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Tobin Center on January 17 was a lecture of a lifetime. When I talk to my friends about it, they have no idea who he is. He’s famous for the TV show ‘Cosmos,’ a (More)
New meaning to the term 'Insta-worthy'
Instagram has been a platform for people to post their favorite pictures, whether they be relatable memes or just fun vacation snaps, since its release in 2010. However, recent studies have come out showing that Instagram is the number one social med (More)
No Pass, No Play!
Students involved in sports, dance, band, UIL and other extra curricular activities are anxious to receive their nine weeks report card. When viewing their grades students hope to have a sigh of relief instead a feeling of dread. The nine weeks grade (More)
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