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Why Everyone Should Stop Using Plastic
The number one attack against our climate is a day to day item every household has: plastic. The long overdue struggle the world faces has yet to come to an end. The world should be using less plastic and more reusable resources.

Meatless Monday, a beefy situation
[caption id=\"attachment_25509\" align=\"alignnone\" width=\"300\"] An average lunch for an average student.Photo by Jacob Dukes

Several times now a Me (More)
Shove Over Thanksgiving! Santa Claus is Coming to Town (early)!
I am in no way bashing Christmas, or any other holiday in this article, I am only criticizing the way retailers have twisted this holiday away from its former self (I love Christmas as much as the next guy). CarsPhoto by Andrina Alvarez   Driver's Ed. instructors a (More)
Protect Children, Not Guns
Jan 16., President Obama issued 23 new executive acts reg (More)
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