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Making the most of unlimited free time in quarantine
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Quarantine has opened up more free time than students care to admit, and although some students are taking this time to get ahead on work or play video games or stay up until three in the morning watching tiktoks, s (More)
Foreign exchange students express differences and changes to their lives
by Emma Fischer | staff writer Senior, Maxime Laurian is from Laval, France and found his way to America after visiting with a friend. “My friend in France went to Canada for three months last summer. She told me it was very interesting and coo (More)
From the outside
by Emma Fischer|staff writer As if she ran a marathon, freshman Madeline McJiltion returns home after a three and a half hour practice, exhausted, and still in that time, doing her homework in the car rides. Every single day she runs through her r (More)
Sophomore Peyton Gill attends 5k, continues battling ovarian cancer
  photo by Emma Fischer by Emma Fischer | staff writer During the Tenth Annual Ov (More)
Class rings, preserving memories in a stone
by Emma Fischer | feature editor The graduating class for 2021 just picked up their class rings, but not everyone got them. Although they are held with esteem and many parents have them, not all students will follow the footsteps of looped metal a (More)
A penny for your thoughts
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Senior Bryce Shuster worked on five major holidays; New Years Eve, New Years day, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving to accumulate money for his checking account. “There were bills that needed to be pa (More)
Student Council partners with Toys for Tots
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Student Council treasurer Kendall Curtis-Malone checks the boxes set around the school for toys that they can donate to the charity they have partnered with. “It’s a new thing that we are doing. We used to adopt (More)
Weighted GPA may not be the way to go
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Emma Kern, a freshman Smithson Valley student, piles herself with Pre-AP classes because of the multiplier. But, when she compares her GPA with NEISD students, she realizes that the higher multiplier gives advantage (More)
Les Miserables' masterclass comes to San Antonio
Emma Fischer| feature editor Like Hamilton earlier in the year, Les Miserables’ masterclass was a once in a lifetime experience. It was a smaller class, but with the smaller class we could work in smaller groups and smaller, technical parts could (More)
Phones are going Yondr
By Emma Fischer| feature editor When I first looked up “Yondr,” the actual definition of the word, “yonder” came up. As an adjective, it means, “at some distance in the direction indicated; over there,” and as a noun, it means, “the far distance.” (More)
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