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AP registration is right around the corner
Emma Fischer|feature editor The new milk, fence and cafeteria tables haven’t been the only changes made to Johnson High School. AP testing registration is no longer in the spring; it’s just around the corner. “Students can register between any (More)
Has Disney run out of ideas?
Emma Fischer|feature editor Since 2015, there have been seven remakes of beloved Disney films. Disney won’t stop this mass production of remakes anytime soon, either. “The Lion King” comes out over the summer and four more remakes have a release d (More)
Reserve your spot to work with the Hamilton cast
Emma Fischer | Feature Editor When I walked into the studio, I didn’t expect to be working as hard as I did, but the performers of Hamilton work hard, and in turn they worked us hard. The masterclass was taught by Tyler McKenzie, a Hamilton cas (More)
School may be out, but not all the work is done
by Emma Fischer|feature editor When the final bell rings on June 6, not everyone is done for the school year. Although students disperse and push to be let out, not everyone leaves. There is a lot of work to still get done. “District office ch (More)
Band students are excited for Midwest in the fall
Emma Fischer|feature editor Out of the thousands of bands around the country, the Johnson band was selected to perform in Chicago at an event they call, “Midwest.” “Midwest is such a big deal. We’ve never went before. Not a lot of people get ch (More)
The 21st annual NEISD Expo brings new opportunities to students
Emma Fischer|feature editor Once again, NEISD will host the annual Career Expo, giving students a chance to explore the options of future jobs and opportunities. “It is an evening where they coordinate with the business and industry council as (More)
Students planning to go to college need to move their gaze towards FAFSA
Emma Fischer| feature editor The date for the openings of FAFSA to assist financially in the fall of 2019 had opened on October 1 2018, and the number of spots for financial assistance are dwindling down. Although it may be a little late for this (More)
Top ten places to get Marvel merchandise for the upcoming films
by Emma Fischer| feature editor With all the new marvel movies coming out this year, finding the perfect gift or thing to wear to the movies can be challenging. Here are ten places to go to find perfect marvel merchandise for the upcoming films. (More)
A new international newspaper is starting up to shine some light on historical romance
Emma Fischer|feature editor Renee Bernard, a historical romance author, had received many emails from many different people. What she did not expect is an email about a new magazine to shine some light on the genre. Thimgan Hayden began reading an (More)
Students are not jumping to get their license like they used to
Emma Fischer | Feature Editor Junior Fernando Morales turned sixteen over a year ago, but even though he’s now an upperclassman, and has hit that magical number, there is one thing that he has not done: gotten a driver’s license. “I have not ha (More)
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