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The different types of Polo tees for the modern American man
Trendy clothing to add to your wardrobe this summer
Comfort vs stylistic footwear
What aesthetic might fit you best
by Karina Correa | staff writer Choosing an aesthetic can be difficult when there are millions of clothing styles out there. Even myself, I’m constantly changing my style because I can’t find a specific one that I like. E-girl, but make it bett (More)
7 Fashion Trends You Should Wear This Winter Break
If you are looking for some style inspo, you've come to the right place! Here are a couple of trends I love right now. Most of these styles are gender-neutral, pretty simple, and don't break the bank. Most items pictured are second hand. 1. Mock nec (More)
LED lights become the new trend
by Tala Kamil | staff writer LED lights are growing in popularity ever since famous TikTok stars have started showing them in their videos. Nick Holonyak had first invented LED lights back in 1962; but recently, these lights became the new tren (More)
Why should I buy a homecoming dress online?
Lauryn Chavez | staff writer You can get almost anything online these days including dresses for homecoming. Many prefer online shopping over buying dresses in store. Popular dress stores include Tiger Mist, Windsor, Promgirl, and Simply Dresses.  (More)
Students look beyond malls, fast fashion
by Joe Casarez | staff writer As the fashion resale market grows and begins to surpass the retail market, students are searching for a new, unique look. “My students like shopping at thrift stores,” fashion teacher Mandy Elliott said. “They lik (More)
Spina Bifida hosts fashion show for kids with disabilities
Fashion design students are popping tags with a thrift store
By Lauryn Hughes | staff writer  Dozens of racks are set up and clothes are freshly pressed as Johnson’s fashion designers hang them up in preparation for the “Jag Exchange." This unique experience offered here on campus  for the first time, crea (More)
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