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The 80's are back
      The 80's was an amazing time for fashion. Girls had their cute outfits, hair in ponytails with scrunchies, and converse, and the guys had skinny jeans with button down shirts. Colors were key when dressing in the morning and everyone knew it. Y (More)
Coachella on your couch
If you are like many of your fellow students at school you do not have a $889 ticket to Coachella. You may be sad and very jealous, but lucky for you I am giving you all the inside details on the top 10 things going on at Coachella. As well as provid (More)
H&M features first Hijab wearing model
by Aleeha Shah| staff writer A recent ad promoting H&M clothing marked history in the fashion industry, making H&M the first major company to feature a woman who wears a hijab. A hijab is a head covering worn by Muslim women. The 23-year-o (More)
Hannah Blair, Student YouTuber
Hannah Blair may seem like a typical freshman at Reagan High School. However, behind the computer screen, she is a beauty guru with 98,000 subscribers on YouTube. (More)
Fall Trend of 2014
Fall is the season of orange leaves, pumpkin scented candles, approaching holidays, and best of all, fall clothes. Scarves, mittens, sweaters and cute boots is the time of year every fashionista waits for the most.  As they mix and match access (More)
Forget Me Not: Fashion Show 2014
The Fashion class hosted a \"Forget Me Not\" fashion show on May 9th at 7pm. All proceeds will go to the Conquer Chiari Foundation. [nggallery id=168] (More)
Getting ready for swim season
by Kyndal Tillman | Staff Writer The majority of people at Johnson High School are looking forward to warm weather and fun in the sun. With warm weather comes swimming, and with swimming comes bathing suits. After all of the candy filled holidays th (More)
Shorter hair the latest thing
by Kyndal Tillman | staff writer Just a few months ago, long hair was a big deal. Every girl wanted long and luscious hair. With the recent celebrity influences, short hair is making its way back up into the fashion world. One by one girls are ditch (More)
All For Fashion, Fashion For All
Fashion club members senior Sabrina Walji and sophomore Maria Moya-Heyden create their own flowe (More)
Beauty Guru attending Johnson High School
by Kyndal Tillman | Staff Writer Every student at Johnson High School has some sort of unique talent. Some people sing, some  dance, and some people are great at sports. But there are people whose talents are shown more outside of school, for exampl (More)
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