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Johnson faculty pucker up for fellow teacher
by Caitlin Glenn | Staff Writer Students around campus know Jennifer Jones for many things. She coached many students during their days at Tejeda, she teaches U.S. history here at Johnson, and she is one of sponsors for the campus\' highly successfu (More)
Threats of violence prompt schools to stay vigilant
by Emma Fitzhugh | Staff Writer NEISD continues to monitor school safety after a non-credible threat followed by an actual incident on a high school campus where a student was found to be in possession of firearms. “I can’t guarantee, and nobody ca (More)
New businesses coming to San Antonio
by Kirsten Kraus | Staff Writer Businesses are making their way to San Antonio, some for the first time, and others adding onto their existing locations. These new restaurants and stores are opening all around the city, bringing happinesses, coffee, (More)
Is sexual harassment becoming the norm?
Mahek Khetani | Staff Writer Walking down an alley, clutching our bags so tightly, our knuckles turn white, all of the while avoiding contact with the group of lust driven men whistling away various vulgarities. We zip up our jackets and make a beel (More)
Who is the Spectrum Alliance?
by Caitlin Glenn | Staff Writer Bullying is a serious issue found in high schools all throughout the world, and sometimes, despite everyone\'s best efforts, it can still find it\'s way into Johnson. Enter the Spectrum Alliance, an organization creat (More)
Towing enforced: how parking near TPC businesses may cost you your car
by Emma Fitzhugh | Staff Writer As you pull into the student parking lot, you look around and realize that once again, every parking space is full. And because you have just arrived at school, there’s no turning back now. You’re now left sitting the (More)
College: is it right for everyone?
by Emma Fitzhugh | Staff Writer Sitting in class one day, he knows that a lot of people are counting on him for answers. And these people aren\'t his family, his friends, or even his teachers, but rather, his customers. [caption id=\"attachment (More)
Guide to finding the best AP study guide
by Emma Fitzhugh | Staff Writer We all know that feeling. For some students, it suddenly hits them one day just a few short weeks before the exam. For others, it’s several months in advance. The moment when you realize...you need an AP study guide. (More)
Momma always said, \'try new things\'
By Mahek Khetani| Staff writer In busy times like these, we have no time for anything other than our usual routine. But our bodies, (especially our stomachs) weren’t made for ruts like that. Which is why we at My Jag News have created a list of hots (More)
Mehlbrech says farewell to the seven-year students
by Daisy Creager | Staff Writer Elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to college. Three transitions that mark changes in a student’s expected maturity, responsibility and workload. Each transition can breed ne (More)
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