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Sexting: the message you can\'t erase
By Claire Carter | Editor-In-Chief Sending a sexually suggestive message, commonly known as sexting, through cellular devices is becoming increasingly controversial. Making national headlines and stirring trouble among political officials, it should (More)
Juniors find unique jobs
by Daisy Creager | Staff Writer When high schoolers think of getting jobs, they generally consider entry level positions in restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, or other related businesses. However, juniors Chad Chapman and Max Morgen have b (More)
A \'tale as old as time\' shouldn\'t change
by Kirsten Kraus | Staff Writer She sits on the couch, flipping through the channels on the television. Not finding anything worth watching, junior Natasha Anderson decided to put in The Lion King, one of her favorite Disney movies. Flappy Bird\'s common \"Game Over\" scren by Jordan Herr (More)
Students decide to pursue electives in college
by Emma Fitzhuge | Staff Writer As she walks into her fifth period art class, she understands that this class isn’t just simply earning her the necessary fine arts credit, but rather an opportunity to gain more experience in the activity she enjoys. (More)
E-cigarettes on the rise
by Kirsten Kraus | Staff Writer E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular in previous years, with sales doubled to more than $135 million in the past year. Of the estimated 2.5 million e-cigarette smokers in the U.S., 99% are previous or current (More)
Senioritis season strikes Johnson
by Emily Jimenez | Staff Writer Senior, Alyssa Cantrell, has developed a new skill thanks to the disease affecting many  seniors, Senioritis. She is now a procrastination pro. “[Senioritis] has made me lose all work ethic and has caused me to beco (More)
Why teen retailers are failing
by Mahek Khetani| Staff Writer Preparing for the day, fashion student Anela Brunson pairs items together from stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters to create her own trend rather than following them. Times have changed from where a single logo (More)
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