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Plant -VS- Zombies Garden Warfare: Beware the Hoard!!
Note: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is owned by PopCap Games. You can support them by playing one of their  games or by buying this game which costs $19.99 at many online and local retailers. The Game in a Nutshell  Plants VS Zombies Garden Warf (More)
Ms.Ramirez is one of the Art teachers here at Nimitz. She has been a teacher for 9 years, all of which have been at this campus.  For her bachelor's degree, she studied at The University of Texas at San Antonio.  Ms. Ramirez decided to teach Nimi (More)
Let's Talk Turkey
Thankgiving, the scariest time of year-if you're a turkey, that is.  How could anything so yummy be so ugly. That yucky looking red blob that hangs from the top of the males's beak is called a snood, and both types of Turkey's in North America have i (More)
JROTC drill teams compete at Kennedy Drill Meet, JV team places 2nd and 3rd
By Hailey Massey | Assistant Editor | The Rough Rider battalion’s own Unarmed Drill team; the Riderettes, and Armed team; the San Juan Guard, participated in the Kennedy High School Drill meet on Saturday Oct. 27, as a way to gain experience for h (More)
Thanksgiving This year Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 22. Americans eat 46 million turkeys EACH thanksgiving; that’s a lot!  Over 50 million pumpkin pies will be eaten, and on average, a person will eat 3,000 calories for this one meal. (More)
IKE's Big Day
Eisenhower Middle School celebrates President Eisenhower every year by opening the campus to games, music, and food! Every year the SAPD lands a helicopter on the football field! Congressman John Courage has officially made November 10th, "IKE's Big (More)
Theatre company produces Macbeth
Photo and Story by Krystal Stigger | Contributing Writer | The auditorium lights were down and the audience was seated. They were seated on stage, immersed in the production unfolding before them. Actors moved throughout the audience, performing s (More)
Students get chance to vote in first election
By Liliana Lopez | Staff Writer | Tuesday, Nov. 6 was Election Day, a chance for residents of the country to have their voices heard in the government. For 18 year old students, it was a chance to engage in this tradition of democracy. “My first (More)
Riders to fight for last playoff seed
By Devan Clayton | Contributing Writer | The Rough Riders haven’t been to the playoffs in six years and now they’re fighting hard to grapple the playoff slot over Churchill. Over the years the Rough Riders have improved and have studied their game (More)
Varsity edges LEE to tie Churchill for fourth
By Jacqueleen Vidal | Staff Writer | Photo by Tatiana Venegas | The varsity football team scored a critical win against LEE last week, 49-14. The team came out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter, never letting LEE back in. [caption id="atta (More)
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