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On Wednesdays, We Wear RED
The Eisenhower Family shows their school spirit for day three of Teacher Appreciation Week!   (More)
Blast from the Past!
The party continues! Teachers sport their high school alumni shirts for Teacher Appreciation Week! (More)
Teachers Dress for Success to Kick off Teacher's Appreciation Week!
Earth Day Fiesta!
IKE Loves our Military Families!!
Eisenhower Middle School proudly recognizes all its military-connected students during April, the Month of The Military Child.  On April 15th, the IKE school community is invited "To Purple Up" in support of our military students. Wear purple on Thur (More)
The first day of school in February
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor The shift from pure isolation and confinement to crowded hallways and talkative classrooms. Backpacks zipping, pages turning, pencils sharpening. All things that define a classroom, which have been untouched for nearl (More)
The search for Squishmallows
[poll id="10764861"]by Chloe Jordan | tech editor The trend of buying Squishmallows has erupted recently. They are constantly sold out from the entire list of retailers that supply them.  “I first heard about them from my sister, after when I w (More)
Dog Haus Biergarten opens location in Stone Oak
by Kenneth Rosa | staff writer Dog Haus Biergarten is a fast food chain founded by Hagop Giragossian, Quasim Riaz and Andre Vener who opened their doors in their first location in Pasadena, California in 2010. Since then they have opened up in sev (More)
Why students are missing out on taking extra foreign classes
Lauryn Chavez | sports editor Although only two years of foreign language are required, teachers still encourage students to take additional language courses to further benefit the student over time.  “Once you get into that third year of langu (More)
‘Fit’ting in, standing out
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor Basketball Coach Stephanie Desmarais stands, or rather asserts herself, on the sidelines of a hazy, blazing basketball court, filled with echoes of an audience. However, she is the one to catch the crowd’s eye. High h (More)
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