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Yearbook Distribution Party!
National stress Awareness Month is here to give students a breather
by Elly Beauchamp | staff writer With 35 days left of this school year, it’s that time of year again to cram for finals. Senior Doug Robison is feeling the pressure of passing classes, getting accepted into college, and handling piles of stress. H (More)
Mr. Eaton Receives the Prestigious Trinity Prize!
Mr. Eaton wins Trinity If you’ve visited the NEISD website recently, you would see that one of Eisenh (More)
Things get real when graduation announcements arrive
By Desiree Flores | Assignments Editor | Photo by Shamya Haywood | Josten's Company arrived on Friday April 13,  for graduation announcement delivery. Josten's reps were ready to gi (More)
Student Crossing Guards Keep Students Safe
By Desiree Flores | Assignments Editor | Seniors Amariay Easter and Jeremiah Williams pose for pictu (More)
Students Protest Gun Violence
A copious amount of students line Ray Bon road. The estimated number of participants was between 400 an (More)
Four student athletes to compete at regionals
Four individual students are heading to regionals for a variety of events. After putting in a lot of work into practice, these athletes can say that they are proud of their work. Fresh (More)
Special Olympics!!
Last Friday Eisenhower’s ALE students went to Heroes Stadium to compete in the annual Special Olympics! They had running events, jumping, throwing, and handicapped students had sensory rooms, ball pits, bubble parties, and lots of fun stuff like that (More)
Two days until prom; enjoy what the prom committee set up
By Nicholas Norris | One of the most anticipated times of the year is upon us and the prom committee has been working hard to not only pick where prom will be held but doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to make it all possible. The prom (More)
Where I'm going: McCree chooses U of H
By Ana Calderon | Photo by Carmen Centeno | This is part of a series about individual seniors and how they chose their colleges. | Senior Marina McCree is going to the University of Houston college of architecture, she will be attending the Ger (More)
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