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Why is February only 28 days?
By Juan Villanueva | Big Stick Editor | Looking at a calendar is a daily task for anyone. Perhaps an individual is spending their time looking for dates to mark on special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. However, once the individual get (More)
The Time I Survived a Tornado by Abraham & Monica V.
Dining room floor and sliding door. On Sunday night, February 19, 2017, my sister and (More)
Black girls celebrate Black History Month
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer To celebrate the Black History Month , four junior girls have organized a way for black girls at Johnson to get in formation. “It is an empowerment of young black girls and other girls who are mixed with black (More)
Rocketry club prepares for spring competition
By Ana Calderon | ETA students in the rocketry club are now preparing for competition. (Left to Right) Enrique Eulloqui, Ricky Gonzales, Ethan Bracey, Lea Wilson, Ana Wilson[/caption (More)
AVID to Host First College Fair
By Sarai Love | On Thursday, Feb. 16 the AVID program will be hosting a college fair at 5:30 p.m. in the cafeteria with hopes of targeting students. This is the first time avid has hosted an event like this as usually, college fairs are hosted (More)
Walker and Cortez lead students into future
By Juan Villanueva | Big Stick Editor | Without help from his advisors, senior Andrew Vasquez would be very behind on his college matters. But Vasquez, who often spends his time in the Career Center, has been shaped by his advisors who have seeded (More)
Cheer team takes fifth in nation
By Dominick Jayassi | The NCA cheerleading nationals occurred Jan. 22 in Dallas and the cheer team placed fifth. "I like seeing the progression, like where they started off and where they ended up," coach Taylor Eddington stated. "They did well (More)
Seven football players commit to colleges
By Tori Pulliam and AJ Ballard | One week ago, seven football players signed for their colleges of choice. "I feel like I'm actually part of the program now that I'm locked in. I'm officially a college student now," said senior Joshua Morgan. (More)
Cinderella fits just right with audience
  By Naomi Gutierrez and Mayra Gallegos| We all know Cinderella, but the way these students played their roles made the story a million times better. Cinderella was a family-friendly act that was funny and loving. Believe it or not the stu (More)
TR to honor largest group of Summas in school history
By AJ Ballard | Seventy-eight seniors are graduating this year with a GPA of 100 or higher, qualifying them for Summa Cum Laude. This is the biggest group of Summa graduates in Roosevelt history. By taking Pre-AP and AP classes and earning high gr (More)
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