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Volunteer opportunities in San Antonio around Christmas, even with COVID
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor As the most wonderful time of the year rolls in, people begin giving and sharing the love with those who need it the most: low-income families, the homeless, and the hungry. Here’s what you can still volunteer for, ev (More)
Deaf etiquette - respecting deaf culture and being inclusive
by Chloe Jordan | staff writer As an American Sign Language teacher and member of the deaf community, one of Brett Koch’s jobs is to teach students to respect deaf culture and to have deaf etiquette. If you are a hearing person, there are a few si (More)
The show goes on - a Johnson Theatre update
by Chloe Jordan | staff writer Junior Avery Neale walks to the Much Ado About Nothing rehearsal, despite the complications of COVID, where students are already setting up the makeshift stage marked with cones. Although actors have to keep their ma (More)
Bully Prevention Month
Yearbook News!
Hello IKE Family, The Yearbook is in production and it is the time to buy a yearbook!  More)
Yes, do not worry Generals! The yearbook is on the way and we are figuring out how to get the yearbook to you! Check out these Yearbook memes made by fellow students! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_WgJwlqAz8[/embed]   (More)
Brain Boosters, Boredom Busters, Calming/Energizing Ideas. Featuring some IKE Students and Staff.
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