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Foreign exchange students express differences and changes to their lives
by Emma Fischer | staff writer Senior, Maxime Laurian is from Laval, France and found his way to America after visiting with a friend. “My friend in France went to Canada for three months last summer. She told me it was very interesting and coo (More)
From the outside
by Emma Fischer|staff writer As if she ran a marathon, freshman Madeline McJiltion returns home after a three and a half hour practice, exhausted, and still in that time, doing her homework in the car rides. Every single day she runs through her r (More)
Sophomore Peyton Gill attends 5k, continues battling ovarian cancer
  photo by Emma Fischer by Emma Fischer | staff writer During the Tenth Annual Ov (More)
Peyton Gill reflects on her experience with ovarian cancer
Emma Fischer| feature editor She stepped back into the school the beginning of her junior year, a clear backpack on her shoulders, breathing for a moment. Peyton Gill had only returned from being homebound at the beginning of her junior year, afte (More)
No One Eats Alone
Tensions rise between the U.S and Iran
by David Kent | staff writer Jan. 3 marked the beginning of tensions between the United States and Iran reaching a ‘boiling point’ after a US drone killed Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani at Baghdad International Airport, Baghdad, Iraq. Short (More)
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