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Tensions rise between the U.S and Iran
by David Kent | staff writer Jan. 3 marked the beginning of tensions between the United States and Iran reaching a ‘boiling point’ after a US drone killed Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani at Baghdad International Airport, Baghdad, Iraq. Short (More)
A penny for your thoughts
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Senior Bryce Shuster worked on five major holidays; New Years Eve, New Years day, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving to accumulate money for his checking account. “There were bills that needed to be pa (More)
Weighted GPA may not be the way to go
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Emma Kern, a freshman Smithson Valley student, piles herself with Pre-AP classes because of the multiplier. But, when she compares her GPA with NEISD students, she realizes that the higher multiplier gives advantage (More)
IKE's Big Day!
Day of the Dead comes to life in SA
by Arianna Michaud | editor in chief The weekend of Oct. 28 marks Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This two day festival takes place Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, celebrated throughout Latin America. Despite its grim appearance, the holiday intends (More)
A guide to Youtube celebrities
by David Kent | staff writer Since the creation of Youtube in 2005, the online platform has attracted over a billion users and has brought fame to countless individuals. “I use Youtube most often,” sophomore Madison Muncie said. “I like the acc (More)
Knowing two languages can prove beneficial
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Thrown in a new environment, struggling to catch up, junior Gabriela Rivera-Vega moved to the US when she was three. She had spent her life in Germany before that, learning three languages at one time. “There was (More)
Second Annual Rock Garden Meet-up!
Every year the IKE PALS clean-up and maintain the Kindness Rock Garden. This year the IKE PALS wanted to plant succulents! The PALS want to thank everyone that donated their time and supplies to the beautiful garden!     [gallery type="r (More)
Red Ribbon Week!
October 21st- 25th (More)
Wood Middle School "The Maximum"
North East Independent School District is proud to announce the launch date of Wood Middle School's online newspaper, The Maximum!  It will go live on Friday, October 28, 2011.  On that day, you can check out their newspaper here:  More)
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