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SATX Exploration: Figlio's Pizzeria Ristorante
One of my favorite parts of once living right outside of San Antonio was being able to watch small businesses grow, one of them being Figlio's Pizzeria Ristorante. Figlio's is a small, quaint, family-run Italian restaurant that offers authentic New Y (More)
Thanksgiving Traditions
Whether students do something unique like travel around the world or something common like eating with their family members, they all have a Thanksgiving tradition. Junior Cristobal Mendoza and his family have a huge basketball tournament at LBJ p (More)
Go home pumpkin spice
In recent years, we’ve seen the rising popularity of pumpkin spice everything. Starbucks may’ve started it all with the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte but the trend has grown almost exponentially since then. We decided to try a few pumpkin spice flavored (More)
Why are the Oranges Yellow?
Everyone has gone through the cafeteria line more than a few times in their high school career. You grab your tray, utensils and napkins, decide whether you want a water, milk, or a Gatorade. Then you scoot through the line picking and choosing the f (More)
Top 7 restaurants to go to before Prom
By Victoria Ramirez| staff writer If you're still trying to find a good place to eat before prom, check out these go-to spots in years past. From Mexican street food to Italian fine dining, this list has something for everyone. More)
New lunch lines come to Johnson
by Arik Norris | staff writer Students who purchase lunch at the cafeteria now have two new options -  the BYOL (Build Your Own Lunch) and Primo lines. BYOL provides customizable meal options with different choices depending on the day of the w (More)
5 Easy Christmas Desserts
As the Christmas season approaches, one thing to look forward to besides spending time with family and opening presents is the holiday baking. Here's a list of simple treats you can make. Christmas fudge All you need are two ingredients: 1 can (More)
Thanksgiving Tradition
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the cafeteria is ready to set into motion. Ms. Leah Whetstone, the cafeteria manager, explains what they have planned for the holiday. More)
New In-N-Out Burger coming to TPC and 281 north
By Elijah Johns| staff writer Whataburger is going to start facing stiff competition as of early 2017 from San Antonio’s third In-N-Out Burger and the first in the north east side. With Whataburger only being 4 minute drive from the new In-N-Out l (More)
Coffee cravings
by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer If you’re tired of waiting in line behind everyone from school at Dunkin' Donuts or always having your study dates at Starbucks, here are some of the best places in San Antonio to get your coffee fix.   (More)
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