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7th Grade Bulldogs Dominate Defenders in Season Opener
Ty Reasoner to attend the Air Force Academy
by Lily Moran| staff writer Senior Ty Reasoner has had great success with his Johnson football career, so much success that he has committed to the Air Force Academy as a junior. “It definitely takes some weight off of my shoulders. I’m very ex (More)
Texas Vs Oklahoma Red River Rivalry Preview
This Saturday one of the biggest matchups in the Big 12 Conference happens with The Texas Longhorns Facing off against The Oklahoma Sooners in The Red River Rivalry. Usually, the game is played at the Texas State Fair with a packed stadium filled wit (More)
First Football Game in the Books!
NEISD athletics adapt to a season affected by COVID
With school board approval and UIL guidelines, the Jags are back on the field and on the court, gearing up for their fall 2020 seasons. “We're expecting every sport this year to have some little tweak to it that will make it a little bit different (More)
Sports put on hold, as the COVID-19 Pandemic Continues
by John Casarez | staff writer As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the sports lockdown also continues.  There is one thing almost all of America wants to do right now. We all just want to go outside and throw the ball or shoot some hoops, you'r (More)
Spring Break on a Budget
With Spring Break around the corner there may be a lot of activities that are on your list to do with friends and family, but those plans might be too expensive. If you’re on a budget and don't want to be a couch potato at home, here are few activiti (More)
Change made to the 2020-2022 UIL district alignment
by Joe Casarez | staff writer With the release of the new UIL realignment Johnson, along with other NEISD schools, have shifted from district 27-6A to 28-6A as two additional new schools have been introduced from Northside. “They added two more (More)
Lift-A-Thon hopes to bring in maximum funds
Lauryn Chavez | Staff Writer The varsity football team will be hosting the annual Johnson Lift-A-Thon on Monday, April 15 to raise money for the football program. This competition challenges the football team to lift as much as they can. “The l (More)
Jags take the win at district opener
Joseph Sweeney | staff writer The Jags met the Rattlers in their district opener on Friday night, to bring home their third win against Reagan since 2008, with a final score of 38-31. “When we opened this school in ‘08, the majority of students (More)
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