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Johnson girls take to the field during the annual Powder Puff football game
By Eric Martinez | staff writer Another yearly tradition has started up again; the powder puff game. It has been played by Johnson for the last nine years and still carries on to this day. “It's just for fun. It's just a game between seniors an (More)
Lift-A-Thon hopes to bring in maximum funds
Lauryn Chavez | Staff Writer The varsity football team will be hosting the annual Johnson Lift-A-Thon on Monday, April 15 to raise money for the football program. This competition challenges the football team to lift as much as they can. “The l (More)
Athletes start signing to play in college
It is that time of the year when athletes make a choice that will directly impact at least the next four years of their life. If they’ve committed to the sport that they have played all throughout high school, they will most likely have many offers f (More)
A Tragic Ending
Friday November 16 marked the date that the Churchill Chargers took on the Brandeis Broncos in the first round of playoffs. The Chargers(5-5) came in as heavy underdogs against Brandeis(8-2), but the Chargers shushed all the doubters that night. O (More)
Onward to Playoffs
On a cold and miserable Friday the matchup between the Churchill Chargers and the Roosevelt Rough Riders took place. This matchup decided who would go to playoffs and it was a game for the ages. It was a close game throughout, but towards the end was (More)
Playoff Hopeful
The mighty Churchill football team has fought back from a 1-4 record to a good 4-5 record putting them in the spotlight of playoff hopefuls. Only losing one in the past four games, the chargers have one opponent left to play. The Roosevelt Rough Ride (More)
Bulldogs De-Claw the Tex-Hill Tigers
The 8th grade Bulldog football A-team mauled the tigers last week in the dogpound by a score of 30-14. (More)
Annual rivalry still big attraction, despite early season date
7th Grade Football
     Being in football is amazing! Everyday we have practice.  And,  every day we practice, we practice hard.  We do impact exercises where we practice tackling.  During "chalk talk" Coach Barrientes teaches us new plays. Then, we run the plays over (More)
Dancers express disappointment when band is off at competitions and not football games
by Emma Fischer | feature editor Screaming, jumping, and yelling in the stands, sophomore Kaylani Philavong dances her stand routines with the rest of the pep squad, but with the band gone for competitions and games, she notices how much quieter t (More)
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