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Theater Hosts Social Awareness Play
Photos and Story By Nichelle Harris |  Seniors Kathryn Douglass, Karilyn Herrera, and sophomore Valeria Najera perform in the Social Awareness Play. Photo by Nichelle Harris (More)
Fast food will slowly deplete your life
By Nicholas Norris | Photo by  frankieleon on Foter.com / CC BY  | Senior Miguel Castro throws a snowball. The snow is ready to melt, but the hearts of students who have never seen snow before have alr (More)
Stranger Things 2 delivers with a few kinks
By Nichelle Harris | After making many captivated Netflix users wait a year, Stranger Things finally returned. When the news of Stranger Things 2 was released, the expectation for the show was very high. Carla Sanchez's Handwritten recipe Carla Sanchez Being organized is very esse (More)
Volleyball snaps district losing streak
By Mayra Gallegos | Big Stick Editor | The volleyball team ended their season on a high note with a victory against Lee Oct. 20, breaking a nearly four-year streak of no district wins. The last district game they won was also against Lee, Oct. 8, (More)
Milton's Class Makes Annual Blast to Past
By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor | Pre-AP World History and AP Euro History teacher Conni Milton threw her annual party for her AP Euro history classes celebrat (More)
Finding those peaceful places to study
By Bralynn Sampson | Photo by Chris Doan | Being a senior is stressful. Finding a quiet place to study and finish work can be difficult. So I went around Roosevelt's campus to pick out the most relaxing comfortable spots.  DATA stools tables an (More)
Theatre hits the ground sprinting
Story and Photo by Nicholas Norris | The director of Roosevelt Theatre Company, Chad Thompson, is starting his varsity side of the theatre class with some short scenes from "The Shadow Box," a play composed of cancer patients being visited by thei (More)
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