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Counselor Spencer helps students
Spencer explains a class schedule to a student. By Austin Cohea | Counselor James Spe (More)
Walker and Cortez lead students into future
By Juan Villanueva | Big Stick Editor | Without help from his advisors, senior Andrew Vasquez would be very behind on his college matters. But Vasquez, who often spends his time in the Career Center, has been shaped by his advisors who have seeded (More)
Cheer team takes fifth in nation
By Dominick Jayassi | The NCA cheerleading nationals occurred Jan. 22 in Dallas and the cheer team placed fifth. "I like seeing the progression, like where they started off and where they ended up," coach Taylor Eddington stated. "They did well (More)
Seven football players commit to colleges
By Tori Pulliam and AJ Ballard | One week ago, seven football players signed for their colleges of choice. "I feel like I'm actually part of the program now that I'm locked in. I'm officially a college student now," said senior Joshua Morgan. (More)
Cinderella fits just right with audience
  By Naomi Gutierrez and Mayra Gallegos| We all know Cinderella, but the way these students played their roles made the story a million times better. Cinderella was a family-friendly act that was funny and loving. Believe it or not the stu (More)
Basketball looks for next win in tight district race
By Mayra Gallegos | The varsity boys dropped to 17-9 and 4-3 in district after playing Johnson on Jan. 23 at the Blossom Athletic Center.  The boys lost with the score of 55-70. Sen (More)
School works to promote bullying awareness
By Randy Castillo | All through Angel’s* high school years, she would be bullied in class by the same students who bullied her in middle school. She would get her schedule changed to escape these students. Then in one situation she was put in a ne (More)
Seniors to place cap and gown orders
By Juan Villanueva | Big Stick Editor | With half of the school year done, and daily reminders for senior dues in the morning announcements, seniors know the end of high school is near. However, seniors are not done spending money just yet. Bef (More)
How To Manage Money
By Andrea Barrera | Do you often find yourself struggling to save your money? Or keeping track of how much you spend because you just want to buy everything you come across, even though you might not necessarily need it? If so then it might intere (More)
Robotics Club participates in first meet
  By AJ Ballard | The robotics team took part in their first meet at Nimitz Middle School on Saturday Dec. 10, and placed sixth out of fourteen schools. Their objective was to hit beacons, push a large ball off of its stand, and to launch (More)
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