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Finding those peaceful places to study
By Bralynn Sampson | Photo by Chris Doan | Being a senior is stressful. Finding a quiet place to study and finish work can be difficult. So I went around Roosevelt's campus to pick out the most relaxing comfortable spots.  DATA stools tables an (More)
Theatre hits the ground sprinting
Story and Photo by Nicholas Norris | The director of Roosevelt Theatre Company, Chad Thompson, is starting his varsity side of the theatre class with some short scenes from "The Shadow Box," a play composed of cancer patients being visited by thei (More)
Volleyball experiences community garden
By Briana Gaitan and Ivory Gonzalez | The varsity volleyball team went to visit the community garden on Sept. 21. “The reason we went to the garden was because I know Ms. Belmontez does a lot of it on her own, and 28 more hands would help her o (More)
National Night Out Ready Rain or Shine
National Night Out draws about 2,000 to the courtyard each year. By Nalah Taylor |  At 4:15 the final bell rings, signaling for everyone to go home. But unlike every other (More)
Iphone X: Buy 579 pounds of bananas instead
By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor | Last week Apple announced three new phones, another watch, and Apple tv 4k streaming. The iPhone X (10) came with a lot of backlash from Apple fans, with no home button and consequently no finger print reader. (More)
Varsity Football beats Clark 49-48
By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor | An intense game took place Sat. Sept. 9 at Heroes Stadium. The Rough Riders went back and forth with Clark, scoring 12 points by the end of first quarter, 26 in the second quarter, 34 in the third quarter, a (More)
Counselor Spencer helps students
Spencer explains a class schedule to a student. By Austin Cohea | Counselor James Spe (More)
Walker and Cortez lead students into future
By Juan Villanueva | Big Stick Editor | Without help from his advisors, senior Andrew Vasquez would be very behind on his college matters. But Vasquez, who often spends his time in the Career Center, has been shaped by his advisors who have seeded (More)
Cheer team takes fifth in nation
By Dominick Jayassi | The NCA cheerleading nationals occurred Jan. 22 in Dallas and the cheer team placed fifth. "I like seeing the progression, like where they started off and where they ended up," coach Taylor Eddington stated. "They did well (More)
Seven football players commit to colleges
By Tori Pulliam and AJ Ballard | One week ago, seven football players signed for their colleges of choice. "I feel like I'm actually part of the program now that I'm locked in. I'm officially a college student now," said senior Joshua Morgan. (More)
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