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School year shift impacts graduation, other important dates
Elly Beauchamp | editor-in-chief Graduation has been moved to May 31 this year, causing other dates throughout the semester to shift backwards one week or more.  A majority of the changes are due to the availability of venues for events like gr (More)
These deadlines may be closer than they appear
Lauryn Hughes | staff writer The end is near for the senior class of 2019, there are just a few more commitments that have to be fulfilled, such as practicing for their graduation ceremony, before they can take off. Friday, May 10      Deadlin (More)
Senior Spring Checklist
It’s your last year in the high school education system, but before you go there are some things you have to do. This time all of it is your choice, you get to pick what college you attend, what to study, and what you want to pursue in life. Although (More)
Ready, Set, Don't go: Things that can keep seniors from walking the stage
by Sofia Colignon | staff writer As the school year comes to a close, many seniors start to get excited about graduation, whether they’ve met the requirements they need in order to be able to walk in the ceremony that will be held on Saturday, Jun (More)
Graduation arrives early this year
by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer With the last day of school and graduation approaching a lot quicker this year, students, teachers, and administration alike have less time to finish last minute preparation for graduation. “It really throws a (More)
PTA prepares for Project Graduation
On graduation day, Reilly Hanson’s mom and dad and grandparents will all watch him watch her walk the stage at commemoration. After going to a dinner and talking about what her future plans are, she will driving back up to Johnson to hop on a bus to (More)
Senior Goodbye
I remember coming to this school my freshman year, thinking how big it is and how many people there are. I looked up to the seniors and I admired how they had their life together. I was excited to get out of high school, go to college and finally fun (More)
Graduation setbacks: things that can keep seniors from crossing the stage
by Lauren Holzmann | arts and entertainment editor There are several different things that could play a factor this late in the year for reasons seniors won’t be able to graduate. Anything from outstanding fees to behavioral issues can keep you f (More)
Seniors' last hurrah: what's left for the class of 2016
by Alyssa Pena | staff writer Well, seniors, we did it. We’re almost done. But before we can shrug into our gown and adorn our cap and tassel, we still have a few more weeks to go. Cue the exasperated groans. I know, I know, but we have to get thr (More)
Out of school, out of state
by Michelle Brooks| staff writer As senior Breyah Richardson counts down the days to graduation, she is excited about getting to go to one of two colleges out of state. She was accepted to Loyola University in Orleans and LSU Shreveport, both on s (More)
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