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Senior graduation takes on a new look for 2021
Graduation to be held at Alamodome
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor Graduation will occur on May 31 at 2:00 p.m. at the Alamodome.  “So, right now, and this could change, but right now, based on the city policies - the Alamodome is run by the city - we don’t get to dictate wh (More)
C351. Very few people understand the importance of that classroom. To some it’s just the yearbook room, others know it as Mac Pubs, but everyone on staff knows it as home. There was never a more accepting, loving, and hardworking group of people. I’v (More)
Senior parent creates community for graduating seniors via social media
Lauren Loveless | editor in chief Disappointed that senior year is coming to an unfortunate end, students nationwide are having to find creative ways to celebrate their high school career. However, feeling that seniors should not be alone in this (More)
Coronavirus is changing senior year plans
Lauryn Hughes | arts editor When school let out for spring break on March 6, no one would have expected that was potentially the last day of school.  From moving classes and sports events to senior sunset, prom and possibly graduation being cancel (More)
Graduation speaker tryouts begin this week
by Braden Ortmeyer | staff writer Auditions for speaking at graduation are Feb. 18 and 19 at 4:15 p.m. in the library conference room. “They just show up, on Feb. 18--we are doing the welcome speech, Feb. 19 commencement address, and master of (More)
Class rings, preserving memories in a stone
by Emma Fischer | feature editor The graduating class for 2021 just picked up their class rings, but not everyone got them. Although they are held with esteem and many parents have them, not all students will follow the footsteps of looped metal a (More)
School year shift impacts graduation, other important dates
Elly Beauchamp | editor-in-chief Graduation has been moved to May 31 this year, causing other dates throughout the semester to shift backwards one week or more.  A majority of the changes are due to the availability of venues for events like gr (More)
These deadlines may be closer than they appear
Lauryn Hughes | staff writer The end is near for the senior class of 2019, there are just a few more commitments that have to be fulfilled, such as practicing for their graduation ceremony, before they can take off. Friday, May 10      Deadlin (More)
Senior Spring Checklist
It’s your last year in the high school education system, but before you go there are some things you have to do. This time all of it is your choice, you get to pick what college you attend, what to study, and what you want to pursue in life. Although (More)
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