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The Area 51 raid isn't quite done yet
Ashlyn Swain | staff writer It’s almost time for Halloween and that means the rise in interest of paranormal experiences and spooky encounters. That means it's once again time for  this year's theatre haunted house. “I think that we have alread (More)
The Ultimate Spooky Meal is Here
IHOP released their iconic seasonal pancakes to commemorate Halloween. The meal, inspired by the new movie, the Addams Family, a reinvented twist on the classic children’s horror movie that is being released on October 11 across the country. To prepa (More)
Creep It real
by Sofia Colignon | news editor Should trick or treating have an age limit? This is a question everyone, especially high school students, ask themselves every year. Is it okay for them to walk around in a costume knocking on doors and asking for c (More)
Still need plans for Hallow's Eve?
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CTJ's first haunted house a visual success
Screams and Fun: 13 Books and Movies for Halloween
October is here, the leaves are soon going to change color and it's time to for you to get into the Halloween spirit. There are loads of movies and books out, and some that are coming out this month to prepare you. Aunt Bam (Cassie Davis,) Madea (Tyler Perry,) and Hattie (Patrice (More)
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