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Varsity team settles into new roles
by Ben Barrera | staff writer Senior Brooke Stevens has some  high expectations for the soccer team  this season even though some key players were lost during the offseason. The team got to work right away starting the day their season ended la (More)
Boys wrestling begin season with match against Madison
by Sebastian Lucumi | staff writer The Johnson wrestling season is beginning and Madison is the first opponent.  The wrestling team is starting with conditioning and now has shifted into focusing on the technique of wrestling. Head wrestling co (More)
Theatre finishes school year with senior directed plays
by Sofia Colignon | news editor As the year draws to a close, the theatre department finishes the year its own way, with their annual senior directed plays. The plays will be held on May 30 and 31. Tickets are five dollars for each show, and 15 do (More)
Johnson over the years
by Sofia Colignon | news editor Johnson High School turned 10 last year and, although it is a relatively new school, some differences can be found in different aspects of it. Some things never change, especially when talking about a 10 year-old sc (More)
Camps, practices held over the summer
Sofia Colignon | News Editor Students involved in extracurricular activities need to start making time over the summer to attend camp and practices in order to be involved in the program next school year. “Cheerleaders are given the camp date a (More)
To all the kids that leave class and never come back
by Sofia Colignon | news editor We all have those kids in our classes that take the bathroom pass and never come back. If you say you don’t, then you’re probably one of them. Here’s the thing—if you want to leave class, go ahead. You might be (More)
Softball season starts up again
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer As softball season starts only weeks from now the girls are getting ready by setting their goals and preparing for their hardest challenges. Practice has already started earlier last month and they are moving into t (More)
Is social media healthy?
Sofia Colignon | News Editor If you are reading this, chances are, you have some sort of social media platform. Whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or all of the above, you most likely use it to communicate with friends, send them memes, twe (More)
APs start random searches with metal detecting wands
by Sofia Colignon | news editor Even though metal detecting wands have been available to the campus since 2015, administration has only recently begun conducting random searches using the hand-held devices. NEISD announced over the summer that (More)
Athletes start signing to play in college
It is that time of the year when athletes make a choice that will directly impact at least the next four years of their life. If they’ve committed to the sport that they have played all throughout high school, they will most likely have many offers f (More)
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