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Softball season starts up again
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer As softball season starts only weeks from now the girls are getting ready by setting their goals and preparing for their hardest challenges. Practice has already started earlier last month and they are moving into t (More)
Comalander makes the jump to high school
by Alexis McCutchan| editor-in-chief With a new Johnson Jaguar coat draped across his back and a walkie talkie on his hip, Gary Comalander walked into his new office, ready to take on the title of high school principal. Created by a group of Ms Guenther's students and Riley Nelson, an English teacher in Indonesia, the IndonJohnson twitter page serves to educate students f (More)
Two proms and ACT on the same day?
April 9 is a date that remains highlighted, circled, and ultimately unavoidable on almost every teenager’s calendar this year - with the Johnson prom, Reagan prom, and the ACT all set for that fateful Saturday. “I’m going to take the ACT on April (More)
Girls soccer advances to regional semifinals
Late Tuesday night, the varsity girls soccer team piled onto one another in celebratory fashion in response to their 3-1 victory over the Johnson Jaguars. A victory that cemented their place in the regional semifinals. The team pounced early and o (More)
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