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How end-of-the-year projects are going to look this year
by Monica Smith | staff writer Every student knows that, with the end of the school year approaching, there's also a group project bound to be assigned in every class. But with half the school being online and the other half in-person, the project (More)
Graduation to be held at Alamodome
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor Graduation will occur on May 31 at 2:00 p.m. at the Alamodome.  “So, right now, and this could change, but right now, based on the city policies - the Alamodome is run by the city - we don’t get to dictate wh (More)
This is what it's like to get the Covid-19 vaccine
Monica Smith | staff writer The state opened up vaccine eligibility for all Texans on March 29 which means now even students can get in line. Junior Ava Cadena is one of the high school students who was able to get the vaccination.  “My step (More)
The first day of school in February
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor The shift from pure isolation and confinement to crowded hallways and talkative classrooms. Backpacks zipping, pages turning, pencils sharpening. All things that define a classroom, which have been untouched for nearl (More)
The search for Squishmallows
[poll id="10764861"]by Chloe Jordan | tech editor The trend of buying Squishmallows has erupted recently. They are constantly sold out from the entire list of retailers that supply them.  “I first heard about them from my sister, after when I w (More)
Tired of wasting time during spring break? Here's a guide to actually make the most out of it this year
By Monica Smith | staff writer The spring break that students once expected was fulfilled by the anticipated ringing of the 8th-period bell, papers flying high up in the air, races to the bus stop, and the relief of being free from due dates and h (More)
‘Fit’ting in, standing out
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor Basketball Coach Stephanie Desmarais stands, or rather asserts herself, on the sidelines of a hazy, blazing basketball court, filled with echoes of an audience. However, she is the one to catch the crowd’s eye. High h (More)
The path to attendance recovery
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor As the second semester begins, many students will need to make-up absences over the limit from the first semester to get their proper attendance credits. “I would say, without looking at the numbers, just what I se (More)
Volunteer opportunities in San Antonio around Christmas, even with COVID
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor As the most wonderful time of the year rolls in, people begin giving and sharing the love with those who need it the most: low-income families, the homeless, and the hungry. Here’s what you can still volunteer for, ev (More)
Deaf etiquette - respecting deaf culture and being inclusive
by Chloe Jordan | staff writer As an American Sign Language teacher and member of the deaf community, one of Brett Koch’s jobs is to teach students to respect deaf culture and to have deaf etiquette. If you are a hearing person, there are a few si (More)
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