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Our first quiz - all about CTJ
NEISD brings wi-fi to students
by Nico Guzman | staff writer Due to the growing amount of students at Johnson High School, there are too many students in classrooms for the amount of Google Chromebooks that a cart can hold, so NEISD decided to install wi-fi throughout every sch (More)
"IndonJohnson" Twitter page builds bridge between two countries
 by Ryan Polk | staff writer  Created by a group of Ms Guenther's students and Riley Nelson, an English teacher in Indonesia, the IndonJohnson twitter page serves to educate students f (More)
Two proms and ACT on the same day?
April 9 is a date that remains highlighted, circled, and ultimately unavoidable on almost every teenager’s calendar this year - with the Johnson prom, Reagan prom, and the ACT all set for that fateful Saturday. “I’m going to take the ACT on April (More)
Girls soccer advances to regional semifinals
Late Tuesday night, the varsity girls soccer team piled onto one another in celebratory fashion in response to their 3-1 victory over the Johnson Jaguars. A victory that cemented their place in the regional semifinals. The team pounced early and o (More)
Girls soccer advances to regional quarterfinals
The playoffs are tense, grueling, and by far the best time of the year in high school sports. The girl’s soccer team embraces all of these facts and uses them to thrive regardless of who they face in the postseason. In the first round they beat (More)
Varsity Football squeezes into the playoffs
With the playoffs on the line, the football team underachieved in their 60-28 loss to Johnson Thursday night at Heroes Stadium. After losing in their final regular season game, their record dropped to 3-3 in district play. In order for them to sne (More)
Tejeda teacher welcomed back by Johnson students
by Alyssa Pena | staff writer Each new school year brings in new worries for many students. How hard will my classes be? Will I have lunch with my friends? Will my teachers be strict on homework? But students in Sandra Guenther’s United States His (More)
New Google Classroom makes way for online homework
by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer This school year, the introduction of Google Classroom has facilitated a rise in the assigning of online homework, especially in Pre-Calculus classes.   “We’re using Google Classroom to assign the homework bu (More)
The hit or miss of sex education
by Courtney Smith| staff writer Freshman Ali Turner remembers sex-education at Tejeda Middle School as graphic. “They told us, basically, ‘Don’t do sex. This is what could happen to you,” Turner said. And Turner isn’t alone. Sophomore Cole S (More)
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