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Varsity Basketball take on the Jags
Varsity boys basketball competed against Johnson High School at Blossom Athletic Center on Feb 4, and the team lost 52-58.         (More)
New year, new fence
by David Kent | staff writer As announced last school year, there is a new security fence surrounding the school. “The fence’s are a security measure that the district is putting in place at all secondary campuses, all high schools should have (More)
Jags run for funds
The Jammin’ Jag 5K is a run for Johnson athletes, family, friends or just about anyone. This event is taking place on June 1 and is hoping for a bigger pool of people than last year. “[The turnout]’s not very good, because the response has been v (More)
Waiving the SAT, ACT fees
by David Kent | staff writer With the school year beginning to come to a close, juniors and seniors alike are scrambling to sign-up for both the SAT and the ACT. For those students who cannot financially afford to pay for the tests, waivers can be (More)
Up and Coming STAAR
As the school year begins to come to a close, both students and teacher alike are preparing for the STAAR end of course exams to come around the corner. “Springtime is [the] time for the STAAR test. Our first round will be in April and that is whe (More)
Prepping for the AP exam
Lauryn Hughes | staff writer AP testing is quickly approaching and students are trying to find ways to prepare and study in order to excel on their tests. Teachers are giving study method tools and practice exams to help students be prepared. “ (More)
Softball season starts up again
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer As softball season starts only weeks from now the girls are getting ready by setting their goals and preparing for their hardest challenges. Practice has already started earlier last month and they are moving into t (More)
Comalander makes the jump to high school
by Alexis McCutchan| editor-in-chief With a new Johnson Jaguar coat draped across his back and a walkie talkie on his hip, Gary Comalander walked into his new office, ready to take on the title of high school principal. [caption id="attachment_ (More)
Fashion design students are popping tags with a thrift store
By Lauryn Hughes | staff writer  Dozens of racks are set up and clothes are freshly pressed as Johnson’s fashion designers hang them up in preparation for the “Jag Exchange." This unique experience offered here on campus  for the first time, crea (More)
How to deal with the aftermath of a car crash
by Lauryn Chavez| staff writer It was a typical trip home after school that taught junior Victoria Franco a lifelong lesson. As more high schoolers get on the road they need to know what to do if they get into car accidents and what to anticipate. (More)
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