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Students staying strong even though typically important events cancelled
Sebastian Lucumi - Staff writer  With Covid-19 quarantine in full effect, many events students looked forward to are now cancelled or postponed. However, with all the surplus time granted, students are finding creative ways to entertain themselves (More)
First oienteering competition of the year
by Sebastian Lucumi | staff writer On Oct. 5, the Johnson JROTC orienteering team competes, marking their first competitive event of the year.  The commander of male orienteering, senior Cholo Salazar, had the SAT on the day of the competition. (More)
CyberPatriots State Round

Jags donate to make a difference
by Eric Martinez| Staff writer The holiday season has lead to numerous donation and fundraising drives across the Johnson campus. “We are doing a toy drive because we are adopting an elementary school that we are going to just to give each of t (More)
Veterans Day
In the cold weather, there's a repetition of the American flag as every cadet stands firmly along the sidewalk on MacArthur View as cars drive by. Every Veterans Day, JROTC pays their respects to all those who have served in the military. "This da (More)
The Turkey Shoot Competition
From November 12th to the 16th, JROTC is hosting the annual turkey shoot which rewards first to third place winners a turkey. Students will be able to attend from first to eighth period, and can fire five shots for two dollars using a pellet gun. (More)
Johnson JROTC Jaguar Battalion in the 'The Battle of the Flowers' parade
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer While most of us will have the day off for the “Battle of the Flowers” parade, 40 Johnson JROTC cadets will be marching in the first of three big parades downtown for the big celebration on April 27. One of the cadet (More)
Brahma News Broadcast: Episode 3
Brahma News gets the scoop on the first ever Language Tour, the JROTC Blood Drive, and how students celebrate Valentine's Day. (More)
Get To Know Your Brahmas: Q&A with Joshua Wong
[caption id="attachment_35788" align="alignright" width="225"] Photo by Mary De Leon

Joshua Wong is a senior, and has been in the JROTC (More)
Cobalt Crusaders Advance To Nationals
Hear Hoof Beats? Think Brahmas! The "Colbalt Crusaders" have advanced to the CyberPatriot national competition to be held in Washington D.C. in March. Last weekend, the team of Samuel Burgess (Commander), Robert Isenhour, Peter Myers, Lois Agabon, (More)
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