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6th Annual Lee-esta
On Wednesday, Oct. 15, was the 6th annual Lee-esta parade and pep rally, starting at 6. Lee-esta has become a growing tradition, featuring a range of student groups including, the Lee marching band, spirit groups, athletics and clubs. All in attendan (More)
2014-15 Schedules
As everyone has heard, the schedule(s) for the school year have changed a bit. Minutes from both lunch periods and class periods have been taken and added to the passing periods. Classes are now one minute shorter than last year (on all schedules), l (More)
Lee\'s Marching
With the smallest band in the district, Lee\'s band has made people\'s head turn. Band director Brannon Baker says at every practice  \"It\'s only what you make it.\" Performing at every football game and having competitions many weekends is ha (More)
Dixies Dance
And 5, 6, 7, 8, the Dixie Drill team dance their hearts out everyday. Elysia Leos, Junior in ISA, is a Dixie Driller. The dancers have to be dedicated in order to be a Dixie Driller. \"I have been a Dixie Driller for two years,\" Elysia said (More)
Amado Volleys
When it\'s just her, a court and her racket she feels alive. Emily Adamo tells me more about her career as a Tennis player. \"Doubles is hard because when you miss the ball you feel bad for your partner even though they\'ll say it\'s okay.\" she s (More)
The Last Ones
Yesterday, Nov. 7,  was the last pep rally for football season and was dedicated all seniors, as well as the varsity football players. The pep rally was held in the main gym and started around 8:00 a.m. Local Fox news Station televised the pep ral (More)
Lee Gets Served
Players huddle before a game.Photo by Jacob Dukes Volleyball Defeats The Vols 3-1 (More)
Another Boys Bowling Team Win
The boys bowling team won their fifth game of the season against Central Catholic High School. All five individual matches were won, leaving The Boys Bowling Team remains undefeated this year.  As for the girls game against Providence High School, Pa (More)
AP Exam Registration
By Kayla McCaine AP exam registration will take place from February 18th to March 22, at 2:30 pm. To register, go to Parent Portal and log in (an account must be created to register). Registration may al (More)
Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine
By Kayla McCaine New Texas law requires new and transfer students entering a college or university to show proof that they've been vaccinated against meningitis in the previous five years. Bacterial meningitis vaccines are being distributed at (More)
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