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Riding Safely on NEISD buses
        With the recent tragedy in Indiana where a beloved elementary school principal shoved several students out of the way of an oncoming bus and subsequently died, many are asking about bus safety.There are over 800 NEISD vehicles, and 452 of the (More)
Rattlers End the Season 2015: Vince Hunter
Get an inside view of the Rattlers incredible 2015 season with Senior Defensive Corner, Vincent Hunter.   (More)
The Wetzel Way
With two parents working at Reagan and three sons having gone or planning to attend Reagan, the Wetzel Way consists of long hours at the school and never missing a football game www.youtube.com/watch?v=aveBES_AXk (More)
New Calendar Has 26 Days Off
Students love days off right? Of course they do. Introducing the new calendar for the 2015-2016 year which was voted on by the school board and released recently. The ca (More)
Johnson teacher wins \'Outstanding Humanities\' award
by Aleeha Shah | staff writer On October 19, AP World History teacher Justin Felux recently received an award that, “recognizes Texas classroom teachers who have made exemplary contributions in teaching, curriculum development and extracurricular (More)
teacher websites get revamped for the new school year
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer With the district phasing out the original teacher webpages, faculty knew since last year that they would need to consider a new option to replace their teacher site. “So, teachers looked at Google Sites, they (More)
Volleyball Pre season Rankings
As the sport that has its first matches two weeks before school even begins, volleyball girls spend most of their summer preparing for the 3 month school season. In 2014 Reagan won the district however, Churchill advanced the farthest in the playoffs (More)
NEISD’s Online Campus Newspapers
Please feel free to look around our campus newspaper sites and see what they feature.  Here are the links to our online newspapers: http://newspaper.neisd.net/churchill More)
Johnson responds to NISD SAT plan
by Mahek Khetani| arts and entertainment editor Prepping for college is a myriad of payments and papers, but the most nail biting prep is the SAT Exam. Not only does it greenlight your acceptance, but if you don\'t do so hot, it’s more money out o (More)
District Distribution Shortcomings
Opening up a facility survey, the general public can vote on the dissatisfaction or satisfaction in relation to the way the District is being run until Feb. 6. More)
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