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The Best Saved For Last
The Norwegian Dances, choreographed by Carolyn Gresham, is performed by Rachel Clear, Micaela Gonza (More)
Footnotes: A Concert Of Dance - April 9-12
Starting on Thursday April 9, in the auditorium, at 7:30 p.m., NESA\'s Dance major are having their annual concert of dance, Footnotes. April 10 (Friday) and 11 (Saturday) are also 7:30 shows, and April 12 is a 2:30 p.m. show. Tickets are on sale in (More)
Artists Receive National Recognition
Taking home top awards, three NESA seniors fared well at National Scholastic. They will travel to New York to receive their awards at Carnegie Hall presented by The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Oleire Niyomungere – Gold Key winner for (More)
Are You Ready For Senior Week?
AP Exam Information
Instrumental Music Concert Was A Night To Remember
You didn\'t have to know all the shows or movies, or even like the shows or movies to enjoy NESA\'s Instrumental Music concert last night, which started at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. The theme was A Night At The Movies, and it was a night to remember. (More)
District Artists Win Scholastic Awards
North East ISD students took home half of the awards given at the Regional Scholastic Art Competition. Of the 626 total awards given out of over 1,300 total entries, NEISD earned 51% of the awards, including half of the Gold Key Awards. The Gold Key (More)
8th Grade Pep Rally Brings Out Hype From Vols
Two pep rallies were held in the main gym this morning, the first starting around 9:30 and the second starting around 10:30, for Jackson, Nimitz and Kruger iMAL/KSAT eighth graders. Representatives from sports, magnet programs, band, and orchestra (More)
Full House For All Four Steppin\' Shows
You know the film festivals, and A Gathering of Writers, and the orchestra concert series, and the kids behind the scenes, and Anything Goes, and all the \"art rats\", but do you know Steppin\' Into The Holidays? The NESA Dance majors had their fi (More)
Creative Writers Are Set For Art Unplugged This Saturday
This Saturday, Dec. 13, the NESA Creative Writer\'s will be having their annual Art Unplugged, a show of poetry, acoustic music, dance, and other performance art in the auditorium, from  7 to 9 p.m. A band of three ISA teachers, The New Deal will be (More)
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